tommy baseball

We have definitely hit our stride and have not looked back ever since. After 10 games down out of the season, we are 9-1. Did we think we had it in us? Yes and No. After a dismal showing last year there was no way if you asked me if we were 10 games into the season, “what would be your record?” would I answer 9-1. Now, after 10 games I believe we proved a lot of people wrong and still have to keep strong in order to be taken seriously. We have another 16 games ahead of us and the competition second time around will be ready, so we can’t be cocky.

In our last outing Vs. Pier One Steerage we started off slow like usually (1,2,3 inning in the first) and then started to come alive. The other team also scored some runs early on, but we just kept stringing along hits after hits. It seems our batting order is perfect, our One and Two spots (Nacho & Pops) get on for the Three, Four, Five (John, Tom & Adam) to hit them in, now on most times you see a drop off after the fifth batter .. not our team. Our middle of the batting order (Bojo, Depont, Ryan & Anthony) is sporting great batting averages, steps it up and gets there base hits .. then our Second-leadoff (Me) which is very important, is sporting the 3rd best batting average right now with only the 4 and 5 hitters above him. Now if that isn’t a solid batting order then I’m crazy. Even when our batters face the crafty veteran pitchin’ every team seems to be sporting, we get the job done .. just like last night vs. a guy who looked like about the age he wore on his jersey # 50. He pitched a good game but we just got the hits we needed to score the runs.

The first game was tight for a while until we busted it open to win by 10 runs but played all 7 innings. Since the first game took so long we hurried up to get the second game started so we didn’t run out of time. We started this game strong and before you knew it it was 5-5. Then we turned a 1,2,3 inning on the other team and got up to bat and took the lead with 5 runs to make the game 5-10. After that we didn’t look back before you knew it we were in the top of the 6th with little time left and Tom (4th in the batting order) with two men on belts a Moon-Shot over the right field fence for the Mercey Rule and GAME OVER. Chalk Two wins in our collum. Sidenote for the games: (Tommy 2HR, Adam 1HR)

Now that we are 1st in the league and have beaten every team at least once except for our opponents tomorrow night Track 24 (which we won’t take for granted), it is our jobs to stay on top and not be cocky and just get these wins. I have to say at least one thing .. we are a good fielding team but whenever anyone makes an error or mistake .. we pick eachother up and brush it off .. never do we put the blame on someone else or try to mask things we take our own responsibilty and build on it to make sure we dont’ do it again on the next play, and that is what truely makes it worth while playing with your friends.