Are we Ready

Since everyone is so slow at writing updates for me I’m taking this into my own hands. We won our first two games. Yes, the team (excludeing four from last year) that went 2-18 last year .. Won 2 games off the bat. Were we surprised? No. Were we surprised we mercy ruled them both games? Yes. We’re not too cocky but were playing amazing. Everyone was hitting amazing, everyone had a hit no one had a 0 in the hit colum. Tommy C’s impressive 2 home runs and 6 RBI’s combined with Adams 2 home runs and 11 RBI’s could of just won us a game right there. Even more masterful batting from the rest of the team with a combined batting avg. of .693, which is amazing. Chalk up two wins for Dirty Dalerz and move onto next game with the momentum.
Tonight we face the Jay Hawks at Cantiauge park @ 9:30. We haven’t heard anything about this team, so we have to go in expecting that there the best team in the leauge and put our best foot forward and play hard. If Pops pithces like he did the other night and the outfield backs eachother up and keeps the ball infront of them all while the infield locks it down like always .. and of course the bats will show up because we never had that problem .. I’m predicting either splitting tonight or winning another two. I’m looking forward to 4-0. I want to be that team that people are trying to knock down .. instead of the team trying to come up to the top.