the natural

Every team has an “ACE,” a guy they rely on to go out on the mound with everyone confident in that particular someone. With a knuckler like WAKEFIELD and the inside pitch like CLEMENS we undoubtley rely on the best pitcher in our league Matt “POPS” Beriloff.

We all agree the most important person on the field is the pitcher with expierence at every game as all of us learned last year. With POPS showing up regulaly to everygame our record has improved dramatically and even helped everyones confidence at the plate. Instead of going to the plate down 7-0 we are coming to the plate this year up on most teams and running up the scores most the time.

Pops stats as a pitcher this year are mindboggling he has won every start he has made until yesterday July 7th, when his hitters let him down in a 6-4 disappointing loss to the Sidewinders. His record is 11-1 on the year with a modestly low ERA in softball standards of 6.5 runs per game which is off the charts. On top of that he has a hand full of strikeouts to go with the low ERA and has ended three games with a strikeout.

As a hitter he is our catalyst of our lineup batting leadoff and setting the tone for the sluggers behind him. Hes hitting 500. on the season to go along with 7 doubles and 13 rbis. It seems like evertime you see him hes on base.
On of the most critical components on our team he is the veteran we all look for, for advice and wisdom. Hes been around the game the most out of all of us and is very much still on his game.

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