August 2006

24 Aug 2006 04:54 pm

Playoffs Full Bracket

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01 Aug 2006 03:19 pm

Not only did we lose our second and third game of the season but we lost them consecutively. After a month of not playing softball we finally have caught up the bulk of our schedule which makes up 6 games in a weeks time, and then another six within five days after that. Thank god we got this shitty outting out of our systems. We got 12 run ruled for the first time this season by a team in the first game back. At the plate we went a measly 9 for 25 while only driving in 5 runs. By far the worst game we have played all year out of the now 10 games played.

The second game we finally turned it on a little bit knowing we could full well beat this team ‘the underdawgs’. The team batted 14 for 35 and drove in 11 runs .. just one run short of beating the other team who scored 12. We had a strong end of the game batting and our fielding was still pretty good.

We are going to play this team again on the 15th and I promise to win either one or both of those games because we ARE a better team then they are.

Our next game is August 3rd @ 9:15 on Cantiague A. If you cannot make the game please call me because we are short both charlie and bojo for basically the rest of the season.

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