August 2005

10 Aug 2005 08:38 pm


Now I can say with confidence and no fuckin jinx’in myself that the Dirty Dalerz Softball team could actually win the Division we are in and make a decent run for the playoffs. We are down to our last 3 games of the season all of which are going to mean something in order to make the playoffs or actually win the division.

The first game we have coming up is against the third place team in our division ‘JayHawks’ which our current series record with them is 3-1. Out of those 4 games I believe we mercy ruled them twice. Don’t get me wrong they are a good team it’s just USUALLY our first game against opponents we beat them down and the second game is moderately close. Now the Jay Hawks for some wierd reason have 10 games AFTER playing us tonight, that they still have to play. They will most likely (knock on wood) lose a game or two which will secure us a spot in second place or possibly first. The game tonight is huge, two more wins would be great to go into playing Pier One (mind you they beat the first place team, something we couldn’t do) at the record of 22-4. The last thing I want to do is get ahead of myself and start thinking past our current situation but I do have say the skies have cleared up a little bit on the ‘chances’ of playoffs.

Now, the first place team the dreaded ‘Undertakers’ (again the first team to hand us two losses in a row) still have 3 games left on the season as do we, AND one of those double headers is against us. From what I can make of the WescoSports website they have 3 loses .. now if we can hand them two loses that would be great and then on top of that finish the rest of the season without a loss would LOCK us in for first place. This again is wishful thinking so to say, we just need to bring our A game to every game till the end of the season. Problem with that .. is we are losing two players, possibly three already for the rest of the season after tonights game. John and Heller both to football camp at cwpost, and sir Robert of Bojo to the NYPD academy. John, a great guy to have on the three hole and a great first baseman, Heller, a fuckin gazelle on the basepaths and both the outfield and Sir Bojo who just fills in the spot at 2nd (jk) and has been doing great hittin’ and speeding around the basepaths will be major loses for a very talented team. Don’t get me wrong we have a great supporting cast behind us while these three are gone but we got to this point with them you can only hope to keep the spirit going.

Still with all this talk of ‘The Undertakers’ and ‘Jay Hawks’ were forgetting about a team ‘Pier One Steerage’ who handed the Undertakers a loss and is basically playing the upset maker with hopes of squeeking into the playoffs, it is easy to underestimate your opponent. With the record of 20-4 its kind of hard not to think every game is just a pair of wins .. but the mentality has to change for the rest of the season to ‘survival mode’ .. meaning we have to go into every game thinking if we lose .. we lose it all, which could hold true.

With that said .. Lets go out and get em’ Ma Dirtys … I’m ready to go into battle .. Who’s with me !

06 Aug 2005 04:11 am

God dammit Bruuuuuuuce … Our games have been pushed back. No game this Saturday, check the Schedule Section for date changes. Also, one more game was tacked on .. and guess who it was against .. The Jay Hawks .. the team in third place .. again “thanks bruuuuuce”. Tommy is going to be posting tomorrow to make up for the no game, :)