June 2005

24 Jun 2005 11:06 pm

tommy baseball

We have definitely hit our stride and have not looked back ever since. After 10 games down out of the season, we are 9-1. Did we think we had it in us? Yes and No. After a dismal showing last year there was no way if you asked me if we were 10 games into the season, “what would be your record?” would I answer 9-1. Now, after 10 games I believe we proved a lot of people wrong and still have to keep strong in order to be taken seriously. We have another 16 games ahead of us and the competition second time around will be ready, so we can’t be cocky.

In our last outing Vs. Pier One Steerage we started off slow like usually (1,2,3 inning in the first) and then started to come alive. The other team also scored some runs early on, but we just kept stringing along hits after hits. It seems our batting order is perfect, our One and Two spots (Nacho & Pops) get on for the Three, Four, Five (John, Tom & Adam) to hit them in, now on most times you see a drop off after the fifth batter .. not our team. Our middle of the batting order (Bojo, Depont, Ryan & Anthony) is sporting great batting averages, steps it up and gets there base hits .. then our Second-leadoff (Me) which is very important, is sporting the 3rd best batting average right now with only the 4 and 5 hitters above him. Now if that isn’t a solid batting order then I’m crazy. Even when our batters face the crafty veteran pitchin’ every team seems to be sporting, we get the job done .. just like last night vs. a guy who looked like about the age he wore on his jersey # 50. He pitched a good game but we just got the hits we needed to score the runs.

The first game was tight for a while until we busted it open to win by 10 runs but played all 7 innings. Since the first game took so long we hurried up to get the second game started so we didn’t run out of time. We started this game strong and before you knew it it was 5-5. Then we turned a 1,2,3 inning on the other team and got up to bat and took the lead with 5 runs to make the game 5-10. After that we didn’t look back before you knew it we were in the top of the 6th with little time left and Tom (4th in the batting order) with two men on belts a Moon-Shot over the right field fence for the Mercey Rule and GAME OVER. Chalk Two wins in our collum. Sidenote for the games: (Tommy 2HR, Adam 1HR)

Now that we are 1st in the league and have beaten every team at least once except for our opponents tomorrow night Track 24 (which we won’t take for granted), it is our jobs to stay on top and not be cocky and just get these wins. I have to say at least one thing .. we are a good fielding team but whenever anyone makes an error or mistake .. we pick eachother up and brush it off .. never do we put the blame on someone else or try to mask things we take our own responsibilty and build on it to make sure we dont’ do it again on the next play, and that is what truely makes it worth while playing with your friends.

13 Jun 2005 08:44 pm

Wow… No one could of even imagined us doing as good as were doing (6-0). We’ll the DirtyDalerz softball team is lookin Mighty Fine and undefeated so far. Now I know what you all are saying, John are you serious you just gave your team the kiss of death for talking about the undefeated season so early. But hey from the way I’ve seen us play thus far, I can honestly say we are fucking shit up in this league.

Too start out the season our first double header was against the Sidewinders. Lets just say that we put a beating to them that you would only see in the movie “ROOTS.” It got to a point where the other team gave up and just was walking around everywhere with there heads down. We 12 run ruled them twice. Adam and Tommy both had amazing games sharing four homeruns between them (split respectively) and Tommy had 6 Rbi’s and Adam had an unprecedented 11 Rbi’s. Thats fuckin Shinanagin’s…the team played great defense and also the rest of the team contributed with some very fine hitting of there own. Overall the first games performance deserves an (A+).

Now on that following thursday we played a team called The Disgruntled Hockey Fans. The name alone tells you that these guys were in store for a whooping that only Jesus himself could tell you how it felt .. just kidding. Anyways another double header and another two wins. The DirtyDalerz came out strong and got the job done and we got the job done in style. We started out both games with the opening scoring of quick 3 runs a piece. This definetly put a fucking pounding on these poor guys hearts and it was all down hill from there. It was an onslaught of hits as well as big plays in the outfield by Nacho and BC and even Charlie contributed out there in his new surroundings. Team performance rating on these games (A-).

Now the most recent game was played against The ‘ROIDS…C’mon now people whats with these fucking names of your team?? There so fuckin stupid that I should go to each managers house and hit them in the head with a tack hammer because they are RETARDS!! Okay we’ll with a 4 game win streak under our belts I think its safe to say that we have Mr.Momentum on our side and with the bats swinging as good as they are I didnt put it out of my head that we could easily pick up another 2 wins as well.. We’ll we started out REALLY slow going 3 and out in the top of the first. But some big plays in there outfield really helped them…. They had this nasty leftfielder who looked and ran like the guy sweetchuck in those police academy comdies back in the 80′s …you kno the ones with Steve Guttenberg and that Big Football player Bubba Smith. We’ll wasnt that nestolgic but now back to my point….this guy was lassoing every fly ball out in left an yet he was the biggest nerd…but hey he could play on my team anyday cuz he was that nasty. But things really started to erupt for us offensively when Tommy hit a fuckin TORPEDO over the Left Field Fence…This shot was hit so hard that i think and i may be right on this one, that it traveled all the way to never never land and crushed a little fairy on its way down…WOW THAT WAS EXTREMELY HOMOSEXUAL RITE THERE…but you catch my drift…With great infield work by BigJStud, Bojo, Tommy C and Adam ….we turned more double plays in these two games than out of the whole last season. Now Pops was pitching a gem the whole game and i think he compiled atleast 4 K’s which is like a fuckin crazy amount in arc pitch softball.. And our new outfielder Anthony also added and amazing Arm out in left and left center where he even managed to throw out a fuckin punk who thought he was hot shit at second. Overall performance on these 2 games (B+).

Basically the reason why were able to rip shit up this year is definetly because of personel but also because of comrodery among us ball players. Everyone is madd chill with one an other and everyone contributes a little something to the team. So the whole putting the cart before the Horse shit …you can leave at home because there is no way that this DD train is getting de-railed. Only up from here boys. Next game is Monday June 13 @ 7:15 , Cantiague Park…Field A….See the softball portion of the site for directions.

09 Jun 2005 10:02 pm

Tonight 9:15 vs. The ‘Roids (0-6)

Roosevelt Field NORTH – Northern State Parkway To Exit 35 North (broadway, Rte. 106n-107n); Go 1/2 Mile , Bear Right At Fork To Rt. 106 North, Take All The Way Into Oyster Bay To Lexington Ave. (hess Gas Station On Left). Left Onto Lexington Ave. To End; Left Onto West Main St. Then Make your first Right and the field is over the Railroad tracks on you Right.

Any problems let Brian or Rob know if you need a ride.