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Charlie Spahr Profile

Tuesday, 7 Mar 2006- Written by
    Name: Charlie Spahr
    Nicknames: Spahrlicious
    Age: 21
    Location: The Dale
    School Attending: Farmingdale State Univ.
    Car: Honda Civic 2002
    Relationships: Getting Beat up by his Gf
    Hobbies: Golf .. Driving .. Eating .. Drinking
    Tattoos: Yankee Symbol w/ American Flag Colors
    Movie: Requiem For A Dream
    Music: Rock, Rap, Techno, Acapella
    Games: Fuck Video Games …….They Suck!
    Beer: Bud Light and Corona wita Lime
    Porn Star: Brianna Banks, Lexus Locklear, And ya cant forget Jenna!
    Time of day to Jerk off: Between 11pm-12am
    “If a girl ever fucks you over, shit on her face!”
    “Lick ma Ballz”
    “Okkkkkkkk Pal”
    Ways to contact:
    AiM: DirtyDaler

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