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Workout Wednesdays – Dieting/First Meal

Wednesday, 28 Jan 2009- Written by

Since so many of us at work out pretty much 4 to 5 times a week at our local gyms. Why not each week feature something about working out? A majority of our crew have great knowledge and experience. A couple are certified personal trainers (MattMatt & Martin) while some have been taught from college professionals (John, Tom, Timmy & Walter). Lets not to forget the ones who research through many book then use what they learned as well as take advice from everyone mentioned above to try them all out (myself). It could be beneficial to everyone if we all share our knowledge with not only each other but you the reader.

Now every Wednesday we will feature some tips, advice or just experiences in working out. What ever your goal out of one of the many people who will contributing weather it be weight loss, building muscle or simply toning up I’m sure you will be able to pull something useful out of the entries to come.

My first Workout Wednesday, which will be referred to in shorthand as ‘WW’ will be about something I know much about dieting. I have always fluctuated in weight throughout my life but only started to control it later on in life. At my thinnest I was 165 pounds, which was unhealthy for a person like myself who is always very active. I have little to no muscle tone and was just very thin. I ballooned up to 220lbs soon after because I needed to put weight back on so I wouldn’t be pushed around in sports. I started eating worse and worse, which in turn ended up in me, less active. I came to realize that dieting and eating habits play a major role in weight loss.

There are too many people out there who think they know the sure-fire way to lose weight and diet. Majority of them are not right at all and talk out of there asses. I BELIEVE in eating frequently and methodically. In order to burn fat you need to think of your body as a furnace. You have to keep that fire going but you can’t have it burning at 100% all day or else your going to run into a problem which is making it too hot and basically over eating and negating your fat loss. Simply put you need to learn how to feed your body the right way. I’m going to use my diet as an example.

I eat roughly 6 times a day. Now before you call me a fat-ass let me tell you where the fire burning / fat burning comes into play. When you have this fat burning fire going its going to be in all different intensity’s. After a nice nights sleep you need to start the fire, everyone knows starting the fire takes the most time and effort. Basically you need to have a big meal to start the fire. Your biggest meal of the day should be ‘Breakfast’ which needs to happen at least 1 to 2 hours after you wake up. I know its hard sometimes to get it in within that time frame due to being late to work or catching a train but when there is a will there is a way. For days where I might not be able to get my first big breakfest meal in before the 1 to 2 hour period I make sure I use my snack then which can be anything from a fruit to simply a granola bar. Of course all the time you are putting liquids into your body like tea or water to help get yourself hydrated for the day. Here is a ‘on-time’ morning for me where I will eat my big meal first and then just explain the rest of the day without detail but will in later posts.

6:00 am – Wake up
6:30 am – Drink a cup of tea with one packet of Sweet-n-Low
7:30 am – Two egg whites with Cheese on Whole Wheat Toast, Cup of Fat-Free Vanilla Yogurt and wash it down with a 12oz. Strawberry Propel Water.
9:30 am – One ABB protein shake 12oz. can 35grams of Protein.
11:30 – 12:00 pm – Lunch Time (next post)

abb pro shakeWith the information I just provided you, you can basically tell your biggest meal is coming in the morning to help kick-start your metabolism. Everyone has different ways of explaining this but I think it’s the simplest like this. If your day of eating was on a see-saw your morning breakfast is on one side and your lunch and dinner are on the other and they are basically equaling themselves out and staying level. Now for your snacks you basically want to look at it as if your throwing twigs into the furnace not whole logs to keep the fire going. Choose healthy snacks like fruits or protein drinks whenever possible. Protein to me is what keeps all my body’s hunger under control, so putting protein in my tank makes me feel full. I like protein shakes that are VERY LOW in fat like the one I drink is only 160 calories, 0g fat, 35g of protein they are made by ABB PURE PRO (American Body Building) which aren’t that hard to find and are easy on the pocket at usually $2 a 12oz can.

Basically that is it for this installment, As I was told today Matt Matt has a crazy exercise for you next week that I will be actually shooting with my HD video camera for all of you to enjoy.

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Recalling my first fight..

Thursday, 15 Jan 2009- Written by

kids-fightingA young Tommy in his 1st Grade class with Miss Del Pizzo was one of the biggest kids in class which I would be the tallest in all my classes till we hit high school and everybody caught up to me. All my little friends would look up to me and think of me as the kid to be around for protection. I myself was a gentle, shy kid who kept to myself and had a girlfriend in the class named Emily. My best friends in that class were john, Mikey and most of all Timmy. One morning Timmy got in an argument with some kid in the Morning sing along in the gym auditorium while we were signing “Our country Tis of thee!”, not knowing the significance of the argument I went on my way. Thus, I would sooner that day encounter my first fight of my life!

The day went slowly until lunch time (my favorite part of the day). After lunch, we went outside as we always did where I would continually dominate in dodge ball with my canon of an arm. When suddenly John came over and told me that Timmy was getting into an argument with some kid. I being a little kid didn’t know what to do ask John “should we get a teacher?” John said “No dummy you’re taller than all the kids just come over and act tough!” I dropped my dodge ball and sprinted with John to Timmy. Our Lunch area was pretty big so as I got to the spot Timmy was at I was pretty tired. I was a little pudgy back in the day. Ha-ha. As I got there there were 3 mexicans messing with my friend. As me, Timmy and John stood in a row staring at these 3 vatos in the eyes. I went up to one of them and chest bumped one. This is hilarious because I only did this because I was a huge Wrestling fan back in the day and I remember in the beginningof the fight the opponents would come to the center of the ring and chest bump and stare each other down and nothing would happen. Well I was sadly mistaken.

As I approached the little Spanish kid who was about a foot shorter than me I gave him one of the Rick Flair “WHEWWWW!” to him and gave him chest bump thinking it would scare him off and right when I did it Pedro reared back and gave me a uppercut right in my snotbox. I crumbled to the ground and as I was hitting the floor I looked for my friend for help and all I could see was smoke and flashing lights coming from their little LA Lights as they ran away. Now as I lay there crying I thought to myself get up and fight. Being a little kid I just laid there and waited for a teacher’s aid to come over to help me up and brush the dirt off of me. The 3 amigos just stood there laughing at me and saying some strange things in Spanish to my face. I was put in place. I eventually would ask my friends where they were and their answer was they were getting help but to this day I don’t believe them.

So Tommy Cinelli opened up his fighting career 0-1! I remember it so vividly it’s amazing.

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One Shit Closer To Success

Saturday, 10 Jan 2009- Written by

Shit, dump, poop, doody, logs, cable, timber, crap, hot lava (c’mon you know what I’m talking about, when the poop pours out of your ass like a faucet and burns as if someone tore your buttcheeks apart too far.) Yes my friends in this post I am going to share with you a recent adventure I had while taking a Poop at work. Let me set the story up for you. Everyday around 11:15 am I like to take a nice sized poop to get rid of the previous wastes from the day before so I can put new stuff in at lunch time. Basically the saying out with the old in with the new fits perfectly here. Like clockwork I do my business and leave the employee bathroom desecrated for the next 20-30 mins. I’m telling you, the bathroom is in a state of panic kind of like what’s going down in GAZA right now and for those of you that don’t know what GAZA is you really should read the newspaper. I actually heard someone walk into the bathroom and GAG and then say “HOLY SHIT!” Then leave. I kid you not. The air gets so thick you could fold some of it up and put it in your pocket for later, not that you would want to but you get my point.

Now getting back to my story, you see the bathroom door is too big for the door frame so the door doesn’t sit flush with the frame thus it not being able to totally close all the way so I always feel like there is some poor bystander who walks past the employee bathroom and gets a small whiff of death. With that being said, we have industrial flush toilets but I guess this toilet is supercharged because when you flush it sounds like someone is turning on a jet engine and if you know me at all I’m a very thorough ass wiper and could easily flush at least 6 times. On a side note the most I’ve ever had to flush was 18 times, you may be saying to yourself that’s impossible but when it comes to Cinelli’s and shitting impossible is nothing. Yet another side note (I do hope you are taking notes) I usually bring my cell phone in and get some good amount of texting going and I normally talk online with JIMMY. Jimmy normally knows now that when I talk to him on AIM I’m normally pooping at work and to him that’s reassuring.

Now on this one particular day I was feeling very pent up and had to poop so bad and felt rumbles in my stomach that could match those of an about to erupt volcano. This time the volcano was mount ass cheeks and the lava was going to be brown and ferocious and it could possibly kill a small town of villagers. Anyways I walk into the throne room (the employee bathroom) and place my butt upon the porcelain and as soon as contact is made explosions of poop and intestines juice splatter everywhere. It got me contemplating does anyone else loathe the backsplash of poop on their butt as much as I do? Some actually say it’s kind of refreshing but I myself hate it so much. Okay moving on. I was killing it in there and almost threw up on myself because of the hideous odor but I fought through it.

After a few painstaking minutes I was finally done and was about to wipe when what happened .. yes my friends the little Spanish janitor of the office building forgot to replenish the toilet paper dispenser. I immediately wished nothing but death upon the guy. Then I thought to myself is your job that hard, I mean seriously you vacuum, you wax, you empty garbage and you make sure there is always toilet paper. Maybe that is why you’ll never get your green card because you cannot replenish ass tissues. I thought about confronting him but didn’t know if he was gang affiliated with Latin kings or ms-13 so I just let it be and wished he would get into a bus crash on his way home because he doesn’t own a car.

Anyways the only option was the roll of paper towel under the bathroom sink but I would obviously have to walk out pants around the ankles and in danger of someone opening the door and seeing my leaky bum and gigantic penis. I sat for awhile contemplating my move until the shit in my butt started crusting over in which I finally said enough is enough and sprung into action. I waddled my way out of the toilet and into the sink area reached under the sink and got the paper towel and kind of sidestepped back into the toilet area. I started to wipe and was so disappointed because paper towel is absolutely brutal on the butt and its sensitive areas. I was very sad and frustrated. I got about 4 good pieces of paper towel in the toilet now and try to flush it down. I thought it being a supercharged toilet it would have no problems. NAY NAY!!! The fucking thing clogged and there was no plunger in sight. I thought to myself what to do yet again? I looked at myself in the mirror and said fuck it once more I washed my hands and left a pile of poop lasagna in the toilet.

I was uncomfortable the whole rest of the day and the best thing about it was that the Spanish janitor had to wear a face mask to clean it up later on in the day. Overall my poopscapade was by far up there on the worst one ever but I fought through it and got things done. I hope my story is a tool for all of you out there to learn from my mistakes and always check the toilet paper dispenser before depositing your own poo babies.

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It’$ Great to be Athlete$

Thursday, 8 Jan 2009- Written by

The rising salary of professional athletes has been viewed as a serious crisis of the major spectator sports in America. Although players’ salaries are on the rise, so are the revenues generated through greater sponsorship deals and sales of television rights. Although sponsorships are on the downfall with many revoking their sponsorship agreements with several big name stars foe example, Buick with Tiger Woods. Who are we to say that the Yankees have overpaid their players? The team is running a billion dollar business. It strives hard to win the title and entertain the fans by retaining the best ball players in the world. Aren’t maximizing the wins and profits legitimate goals of every franchise or should be? If a baseball fan has an extra $25 to spend on a baseball ticket, wouldn’t he/she rather go to a Yankee game seeing super stars instead of the Pirates or Orioles game? The Yankees could possibly generate 377 million extra dollars per year.

baseball moneyBased on the above analysis, do you still think that players are asking too much? Fans and scholars may complain about how much athletes make. But in fact the owners are the ones who give Sabathia 160 million or Arod 275 million! The only time I hear anything is when a new stadium is involved and we have to shell out money of the taxpayer to build these stadiums and the enmities around it. However the Yankees are building the whole stadium themselves and are only asking for money from the state for the building surrounding the stadium to make a better stadium for you the fan who is complaining like a baby! A comedian once made a joke. As a Yankee fan I don’t really care what owners spend on players as long as the best players to win a championship are on my team. Doesn’t always help to have superstars stake on a team with all the big salaries. Hence the 2008 Yankees! Most of the competitive advantage from the small markets and big markets giving these athletes money is big. However, big market teams who spend more money have to pay luxury tax which is disbursed to low level teams to keep a level playing field. Also these low level teams don’t have to take the money given to them in luxury tax to pay for players. Most of them use it in other ways. I believe they should have a rule to make them spend it on players and nothing else so we can see the Royals in the World Series, or the Panthers in the Stanley Cup. Like to hear some responses so make sure you comment below in the comments section.

So my questions to you is:

Are you sick of these mega million dollar athlete salaries?

And Are they good for the Sport?

Is it fair that all these big market teams can spend more money bc they have it?

Top Ten Athlete earning in 2007 (b/c 2008 just finished)
1. Tiger Woods – $112 Mil
2. Oscar DeLa Hoya – $55 Mil
3. Phil Mickelson – $ 51 Mil
4. SHAQ – $35 Mil
5. Kobe Bryant – $34 Mil
6. Lebron James – $31 Mil
7. Kevin Garnett – $29 Mil
8. Derek Jeter – $29 Mil
9. Alex Rodriguez – $28 Mil
10. Dale Earnhardt Jr. – $27 Mil

*Most of the top ten is Basketball with 4 players in it. Basketball has the most lucrative salaries.

Next week topic- Shit stories!

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Friday, 2 Jan 2009- Written by

It’s about that time in sports when the NFL starts its Playoff games. With the NFC & AFC teams being solidified and the rounds are going to be under way. It was a great season, a season in which many milestones were achieved.

derrick ward and jacobsThe New York Football Giants had a pair of 1,000 yard rushers for only the 4th time in NFL history. The Detroit Lions gained the title of the only team in NFL history to lose 16 games in a season. Ed Reed of the Baltimore Ravens broke his own NFL held record for longest interception return with a 108 yarder against the Eagles. drew brees head shotAnd then the near miss at NFL greatness by Drew Brees who fell only 16 yards short of the most yards thrown for in an NFL season held by none other then the great Dan Marino. (insert Pick of Dan Marino side by side with Drew Brees) But only 12 teams made it to the Playoff Plateau and from here a true champion will be crowned.

The NFC this year was the conference that stood out the most. With the World Champion New York Giants (12-4) taking hold over the number 1 seed and solidifying home field advantage throughout the entire playoffs, and the Carolina Panthers (12-4) grabbing hold of the number 2 seed to get a first round bye. However, the trend between these two top tier NFC teams was the imposing ground attacks both displayed. The Giants have the Earth, Wind and Fire Trio (Jacobs, Ward and Bradshaw, respectively) that absolutely dominated other opposing teams run defenses.smash and dash Jacobs used his brute strength and devastating hits to really soften up the defense and then Ward with his great field vision, speed and great hands to catch defenses off guard and Bradshaw was supplemented in from time to time to really go for the “home run” against teams who just couldn’t catch there breathe. Now the Panthers had the Smash & Dash combo of Deangelo Williams and Jonathan Stewart to basically do the same. Where Williams chewed up defenses with his ability to turn plays to the outside and his elite speed to leave defenders tackling air. Where as Stewart is the prototypical goal line back who will never be denied from within the 5 yard line. Also these two teams have stingy defenses who absolutely take over games and make the life of opposing quarterbacks hell.

Also a part of the NFC playoffs picture are the Red Hot Atlanta Falcons (11-5) who being led by Rookie of the Year Matt Ryan have been making there place among the NFC elite known this year. Also WR Roddy White has made a name for himself this year leaving many people thinking he is a top 5 wide receiver in the league. The Falcons who are In a wild card match up against the Arizona Cardinals (9-7) who have one of the top receiving corps with Larry Fitzgerald and Anquan Boldin with sure handed slot receiver Steve Breaston rounding them out, are just absolutely carving up defensive secondaries. Also finely aged QB Kurt Warner makes this team a high flying thrill ride that could very well upset the Falcons if they are all on point.

Then Finally you have the Philadelphia Eagles (9-6-1) who have caught fire as of late after the 44-6 dismantling of the Dallas Cowboys. The Eagles have one of the best quarterbacks under center in Donovan Mcnabb and one of the best running backs when healthy out of Brian Westbrook. When these 2 are on top of there games they form the one of the best tandems in football. With rookie WR Desean Jackson as a top receiving threat on the Eagles Roster they could very well have found there swagger. However, the Minnesota Vikings (10-6) will try to put some water on the Eagles fire. The Vikings have the best running back in football in Adrian Petersen who can run, cut, catch, block and if they really needed him to I bet he could throw a couple of passes. The guy is the best back bar none in football and his yards he has put up the last two years bolsters this opinion. With a guy like Petersen toting the rock anything is possible and he could be the x-factor that pushes the Vikings to victory. Also with an emergence out of the receiving end of things comes Bernard Berrian and his fantastic speed up the sideline also Visanthe Shiancoe has sprung out of nowhere to become a formidable TE.

My personal opinion is that the Falcons lay waste to the Cardinals and the Eagles have a hard fought battle against the Vikings. Then the Panthers take it to the Falcons in the second round and go on to the NFC title Game. The Giants have a great game against the Eagles and emerge as the winner to play the Panthers. Now in the NFC championship game and a repeat of the amazing week 16 match up the Giants and Panthers, beat each other up and the Giants however take home the NFC crown thanks to the HOME CROWD help.

The AFC was rather unusual this year with the teams that came out on top. The Tennessee Titans (13-3) make a case as the best team in football behind one of the best Defenses around. With veterans like Keith Bulluck and Albert Haynesworth stuffing the run harder than a turkey on thanksgiving, not many teams could handle the punishment these guys dished out. Cortland Finnegan totally shutting down opposing teams number one receivers they have proven to be maybe the top defensive team in football. However the Titans have a well rounded set of Running Backs. Chris Johnson the rookie sensation is just showing how he could possibly be the fastest running back in the NFL with his supreme field awareness he is a total asset to the titans success. Lendale White has established himself as one of the best Goal line Vultures in the NFL by racking up touchdown after touchdown in the red-zone.

The Pittsburgh Steelers (12-4) without a doubt are the best defensive team in the NFL with the titans close behind. With Troy Polamalu as the safety who hits people with reckless abandonment and also has some of the stickiest hands for a defensive back makes the Steelers have that amazing aura of your not tougher than us. Also with Linebackers such as James Harrison and Lamar Woodley gobbling up Quarterbacks like its nothing puts an absolute fear in the opposing team’s offensive lines and QB’s. However there Offense is just as capable with Roethlisberger slinging the pigskin and Hines Ward Receiving you never know when this team will go off on a tear.

Also for the first round of wildcard match ups you have the Indianapolis Colts (12-4) who have the best quarterback in football out of Peyton Manning just taking it to opposing teams. Manning is the best thing going for the colts on offense but with a wideout like Reggie Wayne and TE like Dallas Clark, a stigma for greatness is easily obtained. The colts are Okay on the Defense when Bob Sanders isn’t there but when Sanders is heathly they are really good. Sanders adds run support that no other safety in the league can. With two book ends out of Dwight Freeney and Rashean Mathis you never know how many sacks this defense could have in a day. They are up against the San Diego Chargers (8-8) who should not even be in the playoffs and I’m leaving it at that.

In the other matchup you have the Baltimore Ravens (11-5) who have a solid rookie qb out of Joe “Cool” Flacco and a nice running back by committee out of Willis Mcgahee and Leron McClain as well as Ray Rice. But the Ravens Dazzle on defense as always. With Ray Lewis, Haoli Ngata and Ed Reed they just lay waste to any and all offensive attacks. They are matched up against the Miami Dolphins (11-5). They are the Diamond in the Rough this playoff and will be a force. Chad Pennington has revived his career and is a true leader on the gridiron. With Ronnie Brown running the “wildcat” offense he can explode at any time and Anthony Fasano just making it look easy at TE makes teams wonder what they are really capable of. Joey Porter anchors the Miami Defense and Porter just makes offensive lines look stupid as he racks up sack after sack after sack. My personal opinion is that the Colts oust the Chargers sending them packing and Tomlinson can watch the rest of the playoffs on his vizio.

Then the Dolphins continue there streak behind defensive minded coach Tony Sparano and give Flacco headaches. Then I think the Colts play a tough battle against a stingy Titans team but pull out a win. And the Dolphins lose this game to the Steelers who turn the Wildcat into a Kitten. Then the Colts clash with the Steelers and lose on the power and presence of Peyton Manning and Co.

Overall, The Superbowl will be a “MANNING EVENT” and the two teams beat the ever loving crap out of each other just in time for little brother Eli to step out of Peyton’s shadow and capture his 2nd ring in as many years. I would love to hear some comments on this post and your own personal opinions. Let me know what you think by commenting below this post.

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