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Dirty Dalerz 2009 Softball Preview

Tuesday, 28 Apr 2009- Written by

DirtyDalerz Softball is Back in season! The 2008 campaign was quite an impressive one for the organization, capturing there first (definitely not last) Wesco Sports LTD. Softball Championship. We would like to thank all the fans and supporters who came out this year. Not only did they win but they absolutely steam rolled there competition in the playoffs just firing off on all cylinders.

However, with that seasons amazing ending there is however a sour note in the off season, and that note is the departure of Adam Kruger from the team. Adam decided he was going to hang up his cleats and retire his jersey. (His Terrell Owens, Philadelphia Eagles Jersey will be sent to the Softball Hall of Hero’s). Adam was a great player in our organization for many years, starting up from the minors at third and subbing in as a relief pitcher and then made the official move to pitcher last year as pops retired before the ’08 season. Adam led the team in K’s and was a major factor for our success last season with his great pitching exploits. Adam also led the DirtyDalerz in motorcycle crashes in his tenure with the team averaging about 2 bike crashes a year. Adam you will be missed.

Another big change to the team comes on the managerial side of the team were John Cinelli has decided to step down as General Manager due to fatherhood. However, John hands the reigns over to a longtime Daler Tommy Cinelli. John went on to say, “Tommy has a real connection with the players and the fans simply love the guy, in my opinion it was a no brain’er to endorse him to keep this team at its dominant level.” However, in a rare move Tommy Cinelli requested that John stay on as his Assistant Manager and Bench Coach and John agreed without hesitation. This move reminds other of all the years Don Zimmer managed until he decided to be bench coach next to Joe Torre. With all that over and done with lets get on to the player Bio’s for this upcoming 2009 season.

Dennis Treubig (2B)- Dennis is the motor that ignites this team on the defensive side. Dennis is electrifying with his uncanny range and never ending energy, he is the lead off batter for the team and is as close to a guarantee that there is to get on every time. Dennis has a pension for great base running and can be a one-man scoring machine at times. Dennis electrifies the crowd every game with his leaps and dives to stop the ball. Dennis also doubles as the team’s athletic trainer.

Tommy Cinelli (SS)- You know this guy will perform year in and year out. After battling through health issues (diabetes) this player has refined his body and tuned it to have his best season with the Dalerz. Tommy led the team in RBI’s last year and was an intricate part of the team’s success. Tommy also led the team in AVG. Tommy however is equally as impressive at the Shortstop position with his flashy back hand stabs and arm strength. Battling through arm issues will be a big step this year. We expect yet another magnificent season from the new GENERAL MANAGER.

Kenny Kruger (OF)- Kenny came in last season fully healthy for the first time. Kenny managed to lead the team in HR’s. Kenny is a tremendous bat in the lineup and is as clutch as they come. His outfield play is solid and shores up any questions to that back line. The organization is really high on what this guy can do for them.

John Cinelli (1B)- John is the “powerhouse” on this potent lineup. John on any at bat can take the ball and tear the cover off of it. He has great contact ability as well and can drive runs in at reckless abandon. Johnny also has a very stout mitt at first and rarely lets a ball beat him down in the dirt. John is the emotional leader on this team.

Rob Frank (OF)- Crank had a very impressive Rookie season last year, and only get better and better as the season progressed. Rob at times showed extreme power to the gaps and has great home run potential. Rob emerged as one of the best outfielders on the DirtyDalerz roster and expectations are only getting bigger and bigger on this guy. The organization expects great things from him for years to come.

Brian Harris (3B)- B.Harris was very impressive last year at the hot corner and is so solid . You really don’t give him enough credit playing that position, the balls come at you so fast and he does a great job corralling in some pretty mean shots. Brian also gets it done on the offensive side with a smooth stroke to all fields.

Chris “Nacho” Caraballo (OF)- Nacho is a very consistent hitter in the lineup and seems to always keep the ball in play. His smooth strokes to the outfield and fast legs make for a very high OBP. Nacho is a good outfielder who should keep on being consistent all season long.

Glenn Cinelli (C/OF)- The youngest player on the roster but plays well beyond his age. Glenn has one of, if not the strongest arm on the team, An absolute HOSE. After putting his rookie season in the books and taking some lumps early on. The organization expects him to come into his own on the offensive side! Glenn is simply a pure athletic specimen and will be great this season.

Charlie Spahr (OF)- Charlie is so consistent with his hitting and is year in and year out one of the most consistent offensive threats for the DirtyDalerz. Charlie hits to all fields and gets on base. Flat out he is a producer. He primarily plays in the outfield and is solid but when Brian Harris shows up wasted to games Charlie steps in and doesn’t miss a beat at third base.

Chris Harris (P/OF)- C.Harris will be called upon to step in and take the hill for the DirtyDalerz. After showing some skill with the pill he will get the full time duties due to the departure of Adam. However, the club is fully endorsing Harris as the pitcher and Harris can get it done on the offensive side of the ball and is a great clutch hitter and drives in runs.

Brian “BC” Cinelli (OF)- BC is the most solid outfielder out of any on the roster. He has great range and a laser rocket arm. However, injuries seem to plague BC but Brian is an Iron Man and is always there for the team. BC gets it done offensively and gives a great option for a 2nd lead off hitter. With great speed Brian constantly leads the team in Runs. If Brian can put it together for a full season the stat line on him could be eye popping. Another emotional leader of the Dalerz we call him “General Custard,” because of his high intensity and will to win.

Rob Getch (3B/OF/Util.)- Robby is the new addition to this year’s roster . Rob is expected to come in and give another middle of the lineup threat on the offense. Robby will be used primarily in the outfield rotation but will be called upon as a utility player. Coming into his rookie season he is expected to bring some excitement to this team and the team is very happy to have him. The sky is the limit for this kid!

Overall, we as a team are very excited for this season and expect to repeat on the magic of last season. Please come down and support us if you can, and keep track of the player/team stats all year long in the softball section of

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NY Media – The Good, The Bad, wait.. Mostly bad

Wednesday, 8 Apr 2009- Written by

I think this is at least the third or fourth time I have talked about my hate for the new york media here on It never stops when it comes to the New York Media (mostly newspapers and news organizations), and how they go for blood when reporting stories. As you all know Joba Chamberlain got a DUI a couple of months ago and pleaded “Guilty”. Here is an excerpt from Joba Chamberlain’s wikipedia profile on the DUI incident.

On October 18, 2008 at 1:00 a.m., Chamberlain was arrested in Nebraska for suspicion of driving under the influence, speeding and having an open container of alcohol in his vehicle. A Nebraska State Patrol spokesperson said Chamberlain was stopped for speeding on U.S. 77 near his hometown of Lincoln. His arraignment was postponed four times: in December 2008, January 2009, and twice in March 2009, all by Chamberlain’s request. He pleaded guilty to drunken driving and was sentenced to probation on April 1, 2009.

Everyone more then likely knows someone who has been convicted of a DUI or DWI, got locked up for the night, and suffered the consequences. Your wrong for driving if you have been drinking alcohol, everyone knows that. That is life though you live and you learn from your mistakes. I’m almost positive he is embarrassed by what happened and since has released an apology and disappointment in his actions. Right then and there it should be a thing of the past unless he breaks probation or gets another DUI. I don’t judge him, he is a 23 year old male who makes the same mistakes as any of us but it gets blown out of proportion and gets thrown under the microscope.

joba post cover dui

This news paper cover from the ‘New York Post’ almost half a year later is seriously overkill and a downright nasty jab at Joba. It is so uncalled for, like I mentioned earlier he is a young man who made a really common mistake that could of been deadly but it wasn’t but he is paying the consequences like the rest of us. I’m almost positive he wants to just put all this behind him but him being a Yankee which means living under a microscope is kind of unfair. With success comes the pressure of the media and of course the bullish New York Media. There are more important things going on in this world like the economy and people losing there jobs then reporting on Joba Chamberlins DUI six months after the incident.

They also bring up comments made by Joba about people who are not courteous in New York. The media in twisted and turned his words into him making a jab at all New Yorkers. Quite honestly most New Yorkers aren’t courteous. I am constantly seeing fights over courtesy on train rides and people accidentally walking into one another on crowded streets and platforms and not even apologizing. Its not far fetched from what he said when he encountered the police officer who courteously opened the door for Joba to the police station and said ‘he doesn’t really get that in New York’. To turn it into a media friendly as if Joba is anti-New York just to sell some newspapers is downright ridiculous.

This is why I stopped buying newspapers except for Sunday Editions because of the bullshit they sling at you through there paper and ink. Just because you have a public platform it doesn’t give you the right to blast him and think your right. Its just very upsetting to see this happen nowadays. Thats my gripe, take it or leave it.

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Workout Wednesdays – ‘Drop a quick pant size’

Wednesday, 18 Feb 2009- Written by

Instead of talking about food for once now we are going to talk about obtaining visual results in a hurry. We all at times retain more water then we would like, either by eating foods high in sodium or just plain drinking tons of water. For most people and myself, I retain a lot of my water weight in my mid-section (waist) and hate it when jeans or pants are fitting so tight you question whether you are going to wear sweatpants to a wedding instead of fitting into your suit.

I recently had a wedding and had to buy a new suit. I’m happy to say I hover around the waist size of 33/34 which is a long cry from what I used to be at a size 40. When I set out to buy my suit I didn’t realize I was in the middle of a cardio heavy week where I busted my ass really hard to get my legs caught up because I was behind in working them out specifically. Definitely not a good idea to get sized up for a suit that you only wear sporadically when all your water weight is basically drained. The suit fit like any suit would fit, snug and comfortable, not baggy and loose. Stashed the suit away for about a week and didn’t think one bit about it. Dressing up is definitely the last thing I would like to be doing, I rather a enema over dressing in a suit for an event.

To not make this a long drawn out story, I started taking Muscle Tech’s IntraVOL which is a pre/during workout supplement that contains a little bit of creatine and such that makes you definitely hold onto your water weight a little more to assist more powerful workouts. I loved how the IntraVOL was working but i noticed a little bloating in myself, not that it would be noticeable to anyone but myself. Again fast forward to about 2 days before the wedding, I try on my suit just to make sure I have the whole setup looking good. I put on the pants and there is a slight problem, without even tucking in an undershirt and button down shirt the pants were VERY TIGHT. Too tight to be able to go through a whole wedding trying to be comfortable and not hyperventilating. I needed a quick solution to drop the water weight the supplement made me gain before the wedding.

solar belt

Introducing the saving grace to my problem, the solar belt. Now for this to work I needed to stop taking my supplement while hitting the gym for the two days before the wedding. I still carried on with my normal lifting routine and such but now I was doing all of it with my solar belt on. Talk about really simple to use, you basically just place it around your waist and make sure you can breath comfortably but without it being too loose to come off then work out. Between the two days I did about 140 minutes of cardio and burned well over 1000+ calories, not including what I burned while lifting. I would take off the solar belt it would be drenched in sweat, give it a quick rinse and hang it up to dry and just use it the next day. It worked like a charm I was fitting into my suit pants with no problem and room to spare on top of an undershirt and button down.

The belt works in a way of making your body sweat more at where its applied to basically drain the water weight by raising the temperature of that area naturally. Its basically a rubber belt that is 3/4 feet in length by 1 foot width by 2/16th of an inch with Velcro on one end of it. Its probably the simplest design out there. There are a handful of companies that make it and they all are reasonably priced at $10 a belt. They last very long and are great wear when wanting to get that extra burn around your mid-section. You can wear it under your shirt or sweatshirt without it showing much and being embarrassed.

That is one of my best tips I can give when you need a quick fix to slim down the waist in a hurry. You don’t need no equipment and the cost is very low so for the person on a budget this is a great alternative just put it on and go for a run.

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Workout Wednesdays ‘Eat your Snacks!’

Wednesday, 11 Feb 2009- Written by

Going with the weekly theme of ‘Workout Wednesdays’ (WW) I once again will bring you something to benifit you in your daily life. Whether it be working out, dieting or todays topic SNACKS! I know in the post last week I said I was going to discuss ‘Lunch Time’ but before we get to that we need to fill in the gaps.

It is very important snack in between the 3 main meals to make sure you are keeping your bodies metabolism going. My mantra will be ‘your body is a fat burning wood fire, you must feed it to keep it burning’. By snacking I mean consuming healthy snacks help your cause of fat burning.

smart popI have a TON of healthy snack ideas so I never grow bored with my choices and always have something to choose regardless of availibility. One of my most common snacks to endulge in is popcorn. Before you start going to the movie theater ordering buckets of popcorn with a 30-second count of butter, hold up. Popcorn naturally is a healthy food for you, its the shit they put in the bag with it that makes regular buttery microwave popcorn bad for you. The key is to buy the Orville Redenbacher’s 100 calorie packs or buy the Orville Redenbacher Smart Pop Popcorn. It’s great how its 94% fat-free, is made with whole grains and still tastes pretty damn good. Now a bag of either the 100 calorie or the SmartPop will not run you into the high calorie range at all. With a 24g of carbohydrates (SmartPop Regular Bag) and 4g of protein this is a snack that will surpress any hunger to the next big meal.

Another great snack fresh fruits and raw nuts. Does not sound enticing right? Well this is where you change it up a little bit. Get fruits you never tried before like papaya or mango’s so you don’t find your snack to be mundane. I personally got into cherries and apples over the summer, where I was a regular at the fruit cart on broadway. Nuts are a great source of protein and are great for you in the fact of they keep the food cravings monster away. There are some nuts out there you should stay away from like peanuts are bad in excess but small amounts are perfectly fine. My favorite nut to snack on is the Almond. I love almonds. Anyway you make them, I will eat every single last one of them. Two favorites are just raw and DRY ROASTED which are not bad for you. When you decide that nuts are going to be your snack don’t over indulge on them which is easy to do, but about a 1/4 of a pound (most stores minimum) and snack on a handful. If you get full stash them away for another time or to have with your next big meal.

Remember your snack isn’t supposed to be a huge helping of food. It’s basically a meal where you eat little smart foods to help surpress hunger so you don’t reach your next big meal and BINGE because you ‘have not eaten in a while‘. Earlier in the first WW post I shared another secret to surpressing food cravings which was the ABB Protein Shake, which is packed with Protein 35g for the 12oz can, which can be used as well.

glennys bbq crispsMy last snack is Glenny’s Soy Crisps which I get in my favorite flavor of BBQ. I know what your thinking “Soy tastes like shit!”, oh no THIS soy does not. Here are the nutrition facts before I back up how amazing these little crisps are: 70 calories, 1.5g fat, 4.5g protein, and 1.5g of fiber. With nutritional info like that you must think its too good to be true and these things are horrific to stomach. I am going to say I WOULD PERFER THESE OVER ANY CHIPS YOU COULD GIVE ME BAKED, REGULAR OR OTHERWISE. Pretty bold statement to say no? I found these little jems at a local bodega in NYC and thought I would never find them anywhere else to snack on, I was soon proven wrong. Duane Reade carries them, Wallgreens and I’m almost postive I saw them at Waldbaums last time I was there. The small amount of fiber and protein are just enough to hold over even the worse hunger pains. The other flavors aren’t the best but stomachable but if you try the BBQ flavor you will have a new love in life which are Glenny’s BBQ Soy Crisps.

Well thats it for this weeks WW, just remember snacks are important and its even more important to snack healthy. Keep your bodys fire burning and you’ll be seeing results in no time.

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“Oh I can get off on myself”

Monday, 2 Feb 2009- Written by

I don’t know what to say .. this seriously creeps me out and makes me piss myself laughing. Is this guy serious or am I just fucking missing the whole point. Regardless I can see this playing in most Guido’s minds at the gym when there looking at themselves for minutes on end in the mirror. lol.

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