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1s Annual Dirty Dalerz Golf Open

Friday, 10 Jul 2009- Written by

Now only one Dirty Dalerz guy knows how to truly golf because he played for a College team ‘SUNY Farmingdale’, but that doesn’t hold back the rest of the DirtyDalerz from actually going out there and taking a couple of hacks. In making plans for the weekend and wanting to do something both involving drinking and having fun competing we are traveling to Deer Park for the First Annual Dirty Dalerz Golf Open. We will be teeing off at Heartland Par 3 golf course, which sports famous Par 3’s from many golf courses around the world. With a scheduled 6 golfers on the course tonight they will battle it out against all odds and inebriation for the title of Dirty Dalerz Golf Open Champion. Of course the beer will be flowing like the 7th hole on the mini-golf’s putt-putt waterfall during the course of the match but of course as we all start finding out grooves heading to the 9th hole the competition will get fierce. Here are a handful of player written profiles for tonights even:


Brian “Slow and Steady” Cinelli

Known to lace up the golf cleats and dress in funny outfits he hits the course with his trademark “Slow and Steady” wins the race attitude. His strong points being his Irons and putting it on the green he should have a good outing at Heartland Par 3 course. Now his drives out the box and putting has been an issue. His nerves get to him and usually starts with a slow roller out the tee box with hopes of hitting the fair way, coupled with getting the shakes on the green and failing to hit two foot putts. His form is great, but form doesn’t always win you the match. Known to also loosen up after a few beers lets see if this will give him the edge over the favorites Charlie Spahr and Tommy Cinelli.


Tommy “Ruff” Cinelli

I have been playing golf all my life! As you can see from the picture above Tommy suffers from a wicked slice that has bugged him his whole life. Tonight that will all come to an end as Tommy “RUFF” Cinelli will actually play a good round of golf all the way up to hole 9 where he gets nervous and puts the ball in the water every shot he has. I going to attack the golf course and greens trying to win at all costs. Big thing stay out of the Ruff and in the fairway. Also booze and get fucked up in the process. John Daly for President!!


Charlie “Watch Your Back” Spahr *Favorite

Well i started playing golf at around the age of 8. Im 25 now, so that gives me about 17 years of golf experience. Ive played for a while now so I’d like to say that my game is pretty good. Getting off the tee can be a little rough and most of the time i have no fucking idea where the hell its going to go. The iron play is my strong point but still i have some good days and some bad. Putting is always going to be a damn mystery for me, considering I’ve tried just about everything. LOL.. When I play along with bud light i tend to have a little bit of a better day due to loosening up. Always helps. Well see what happens tonight as I try to take the trophy!


Rob “The Sneak” Goetchius

This guy only cares about drinking…he will be sneaking in his natty light and making sure that no one under estimates the power that beer can have on someone’s game…not only does he use his sneakiness to get beer in to help improve his game but beware because he might sneak in a throw of a golf ball instead of a swing in order to help his game along…he might not be the best golfer out there, at least sober, but somehow he always finishes near the top…they don’t call him the sneak for no reason


Chris “Stroke it like Barkley” Caraballo

Golf is not my strong point was picked up during my freshman year of college. Learning at the great campus of nassau community college is where I developed such a sweet swing that I actually thought “Hey I can actually go on tour and make some extra cash” … But little did I know, I sucked. At this point charles barkely with the ugliest swing in the world could probably beat me and even he would be making that extra cash on the side. But overall I guess all I need is one mulligan. But I’m siked let’s play some holes!


Glenn Cinelli

Well i must say my short game is really good from all the minputt and tiger woods games through the years….i use the happy gilmore swing and have the patience of a school girl… But some have said i look and played like michelle wie lol


Jimmy “Chubbs” Hering

Ive been away from the game for a few years…and when I say that I mean I havnt been to the driving range in a while.what I lack in skill and form I make up for in good looks,and if all else fails I’m not too proud to cheat

The Official score card will be scanned after play and a picture of the Champion Shot Gunning a beer will be posted.

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GMG: Why Do you Leave the Stickers on your Hat?

Wednesday, 24 Jun 2009- Written by

It’s been quite a while since I have gone off on a rant about one of the million things that bother me with this world we live in. I am not a whiney bitch; instead I keep to myself and converse with friends about things and relate to each other about the topic. Now this topic might as well be biggest unsolvable mystery of them all, and I think I have an answer.

Why do people leave the retail stickers ON their hats?


Before you start thinking it’s a ‘black’ thing, seriously it’s not. I would have to say I see an equal to maybe even greater amount of white kids wearing the retail stickers on their hats long after purchase just as much as black kids. I can do a running tally of white-to-black kids with this problem to prove this point if it even needed proving to begin with. Glad we got the race thing out of the way early.

The issue is, Why do these people leave the retail stickers on their hat long after they purchase them? By retail stickers I mean, the size/dimensions of your head on a gold and black reflective sticker on the brim of your hat. A majority of these stickers are New Era MLB hats, just to clarify the exact instance I am talking about. Its enough they have even embellished upon these stickers with a sticker OVER the sticker to protect (?) the gold/black sticker underneath that just basically explains the new TECHNOLOGY used for the hat and that it is an Official “On the Field” Hat.

New TECHNOLOGY in a hat? The hat is made of a material, whether it be Wool (the older better models) or the newer Moisture Wicking Hats which seriously is worse because they do not conform to the shape of your head over time and DO NOT wick moisture out of the material. Bottom line for moisture in your hat regardless of the style is if you sweat in it, it’s going to smell like wet hobo’s underwear anyways. There is no way to protect your hat from the ‘hat smell’ that will accompany it with general wear. You can try to febreeze, Lysol or try to deodorize it any way you would like but it’s only going to add to the typical nasty stench that comes with wearing hats.

I digress; this whole post is about people who leave the stickers on the hats after they purchase them. The new sticker is simply adding insult to injury, if you want to know what new technologies are in the hat as the store clerk who is knowledgeable about the hats or simply look on the manufactures website. Now that I solved that problem of having to keep that sticker on your hat or at all in your possession you may now take that sticker off the hat.


Now that we are down to just two stickers, the gold/black hat size sticker and the Authenticity sticker are the only stickers left on the hat. Now why do you need to keep the gold/black hat size sticker on your new hat? The only answer I could possibly fathom from someone is, I want to remember what size hat I am for future hat purchases. The answer to that question is simple, look on the inside of the hat you idiot. On the base of the hat where no one can see unless you take it off is the size of the hat you’re wearing. Yes, they have included this ever since they started making fitted hats. I have NEVER seen a hat without this stitched into the inside label of the hat. The whole world shouldn’t have to see a big sticker on the brim of your hat telling everyone that you have a huge fucking head. I already know I have a big head I don’t need the guy next to me on the train looking at my hat size going “wow he wears a 7 3/8 hat that kids got a big fucking head” it’s just not needed at all. Now take that stupid gold/black sticker off the brim of your hat which now will reveal the hat you purchased in the glory it was intended.

That leaves us with one sticker left which is the small hologram sticker underneath the brim of the hat showing its authenticity. The only logical argument for having so many stickers on your hat is to prove to everyone that your hat is authentic. First of all if someone is going to make fun of you because your hat is not proven authentic they need to get punched in the face real quick, so do so when they bust your balls. If you want to prove to those select idiots (whom I have yet to meet ever) keep the hologram sticker on the bottom / underneath of the brim to show to them. That is the ONLY sticker you can get away with keeping on the hat in my book, and even then you still look like a tool for not pealing it off.

In conclusion, you look like an absolute moron if you have stickers on your new baseball hat and everyone knows it because you are displaying it for everyone to see. It is not a style, it is not a trend, it is pure stupidity and downright takes away from the presentation of your nice hat. Do everyone a favor and yourself and just take the stickers off. Now if you have a straight up ugly hat, with dollar sign patterns all over basically masking the hats team , well then I don’t have an answer for you. Do us all a favor though and jump in front of the next train that is coming and raise the IQ level of the rest of the world.

UPDATE: I went to the Movies last night to see Transformers 2 and saw 3 white kids in the same theater all in different groups sitting in different places all suffering from this problem of not removing the stickers from there hat. I just want to reach over rip it off and go “Oops, you left it on there. I fixed it for you.”

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Demarini Softball Bats – Will Stick With Them Forever

Thursday, 14 May 2009- Written by

I very rarely talk about companies that I will stick to because there so amazing all around that I’ll always bring my business to them. Rarely now a days it’s hard to find a great product, at a great price, and have amazing customer service. I don’t know if that is asking a lot but that is what I look for when you want my customer loyalty. After a while I lost hope looking out for companies that had that all around qualities. Until I had bought my first Softball Bat from Demarini.


2009 Demarini White Steel

This bat pictured is my second bat from Demarini which is the 2009 Demarini White Steel and will get to the story involving that purchase and history in a second. My first bat was purchased for $190 named the 2008 Demarini White Steel. It was the first year this bat was in production and I took a big gamble on buying a bat that wasn’t a proven monster. It looked really attractive and was mysterious in its looks and feel. It felt somewhat balanced in weight but end loaded, which is difficult to find in a two piece bat. Two piece meaning the barrel and the handle are manufactured separately then put together for the final product. Every time you hold it in your hands you feel so comfortable that it meets all your needs to put the ball where you need to put it and drive it with power.


2008 Demarini White Steel

The gamble paid off and since the purchase everyone who has hit with the bat and myself have become a believer in the Demarini White Steel and its all around versatility to all hitters of power AND contact. They say its not the bat .. its the hitter, but when your confident you have the best piece of equipment to get the job done in your hands it only builds your confidence in yourself to produce the needed outcome whether it be a home run or a single up the middle. I have won 3 championships and been in a total of 4 Championship series where all those teams utilized the bat as a majority. That is a lot of swings for one bat, in which most bats start to break down after about 500 hits thereafter. This bat has put up well over 500 hits and still hits pretty well. Only after 2 years of straight up knocking the stuffing out of the ball has it blurred the graphics on the bat, been re-gripped and has one VERY MINOR chip in the paint job. Most people will tell you that is un-heard of with a bat. This only solidifies my trust in Demarini for future bat purchases, in which in October 2008 I purchased the 2009 model of the White Steel.

The price for the 2009 White Steel was basically the same amount as 2008 model but with a different paint job to make the barrel look as if it was truly steel. Another minor change in detail was now the handle is white with a graphite look at certain parts. Automatically it started hitting like its predecessor, and the pure giddiness to step up to the plate and take some swings with it came out in everyone who handled it. I used the bat for a Fall league from October to early November. The weather never really dipped below 60 degrees during use but at the end of the season I noticed a small dent starting to form when I hand checked the barrel. You could not distinguish a dent visually but you could feel it somewhat in your hands. That is when I called Demarini’s customer service to notify them of my issue.

Upon calling them I explained my story and immediately they told me to send the bat in for a replacement. I was surprised that I didn’t have to jump through hoops to get my problem fixed. The customer service gave me a reference number and told me to ship the bat to there address with the receipt and all would be taken care of. The bat was shipped then received by them within about 3-4 days, when in turn they sent a replacement brand new bat to me same model and weight in a very timely manner. The bat arrived at my doorstep via UPS no more then two weeks after I had initially sent my bat to them. That is amazing turn around time to me for a company that resides in Oregon. Tonight we finally get to put the bat back to work again along side the 2007 model and I am confident it will live up to the companies name and quality they provide.


2009 Demarini White Steel in my possession

It sounds like this is a paid review from Demarini but I assure you there has been no money exchanged and no favors done other then living up to there end of there One Year replacement policy if anything goes wrong with the bat. This is stuff you don’t see from many companies of ANYTHING now a days. With how everything took place it warrented a write up on the site with backing and approval from the Dirty Dalerz softball team and all other teams I play on as well as myself. Demarini I thank you for your outstanding products and customer service. I recommend Demarini for your softball bat needs. You can find amazing prices at where I purchase all of my Demarini bats and products with quick shipping and service as well.

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Something you wish never to see in softball..

Monday, 11 May 2009- Written by

I’ll just jump right into the topic and finish the sentence ‘Something you never wish to see in softball is someone get hurt off a line drive or a ball that takes a bad hop’. Now I play on 4 different softball teams and I never step foot defensively on the infield, for good reason. I cannot deal with screaming line drives coming at my face or hard hit ground balls that take a bad hop and come up on you. That is a big reason for me not playing the infield. I pride myself in being a great outfielder who can cover a lot of ground and get the ball in real quick to make plays on runners. Put me in the infield and I promise you I will not be going after 50% of the balls hit at me due to not wanting my teeth knocked out. I have told my friends who play infield that I respect them so much because of the fact they are having LASERS fired at there heads constantly. I’ll dive, hustle, and risk getting hurt somewhat to get to a ball and make an out but to put myself in front of a line drive or bad hop is not really appealing to me.

I play on two Sunday teams and saw two instances that made me back my decision a hundred times over to stick to the outfield. On one instance it was a day game at a very nice field located right by Nassau Coliseum, Mitchell Field where a kid on my team hit a ball so hard back at the pitcher he had no choice but TRY and I stress TRY to get out of the way of the rocket line drive back at him. He could not move out in time and got hit right in the mid-ab section towards the middle of his stomach. The batter reached first which then soon after time out was called to see if the pitcher was ok. He had gotten the wind knocked out of him and was down on his knees for a minute or so not before getting back up to try to walk it off. The batter who now is on first comes over and apologizes for hitting up the middle or in softball slang ‘shooting the box’ in which the pitcher assured it was ok. After the inning the pitcher showed where he had been hit to his teammates when I got a glimpse of it I wasn’t surprised. There was an exact circle in a diameter of a softball that was red on the outside and black and blue on the inside, which was no longer then 5 minutes after it had happened. This is why I do not pitch at all, there are certain balls you can get a glove on and then there are balls that are hit that you pray to god he isn’t sending you to the hospital today.

Click HERE to see video

I don’t know about most people but I can hit all over the field and sometimes for great power and accuracy. Sometimes I do shoot the box, not aiming for the pitcher of course but you do at times hit them. If a pitcher gets hit I will 99% of the time not try to get an extra base out of it but reach first and turn and ask for a timeout. Immediately I will apologize to the pitcher for shooting the box and check if he is ok. Of course, there are the times where the ball gets by the pitcher and goes into the outfield, now depending on what base I am on after time has been called I will again apologize to the pitcher just out of pure courtesy and so I don’t want his team shooting the box trying to kill my pitcher. That is just how softball is played, but then again it only takes one asshole to say “Good” or “I meant to do that” to where it becomes a brawl soon following. Moral of this one instance, Just be courteous and spit out the words “sorry pitcher” to prevent retaliation. No one wants to see anyone get hurt and no one REALLY wants to pitch due to the fact of your life flashing before your eyes a couple of times a season due to screaming line drives.

The second instance you never want to see on a softball field is a ball taking a bad hop/bounce and hurting a guy. Well like I said I saw two things in one Sunday I hope not to see for the rest of the season but is bound to happen. A ball was hit (I forget who was on base) hard to the first baseman where it took two maybe three short normal hops then took a EXTREMELY BAD hop up at the first baseman’s head. In this case the first baseman was well over 6’4″ and the ball hit him right where the cheek meets the nose. Instantly everyone screamed “OH NO/SHIT!!”, and once the batter reached first which had happened quickly after time out was called and everyone came to see if the first baseman was all right. IMMEDIATELY the eye was swollen shut with a black and blue and blood was gushing out of his nose. Play stopped and the teams tended to there benches while the player was helped. The hitter of course apologized but Its not really his fault but out of courtesy offered his apology. In which the first baseman replied “its all apart of the game, its ok man” which was very nice of the guy hence his face being smashed up. Another thing he said was “thank god it didnt’ hit me in the mouth” which ultimately would probably be worse. Regardless, he could not finish the game and his team now had to play with nine and receive an out every time he was supposed to bat. No one really wants to accept that cheap out from a guy who just put his body on the line for a ground ball, it’s cheap but its how the game goes. I hope the guy is ok, because a hospital trip was definitely in the cards for him that night.

Click HERE to see video

Those are two reasons why I do not play the infield in softball. Call me a pussy but with my speed and skill set I’m a better outfielder anyways but I have to say one thing you have to have some balls to play the infield with those balls coming off the bat so fast and bad hops being a chance you have to take. I have had bad hops in the outfield but mostly they just lead to the ball getting by me and me hustling to not have it turn into a home run, rarely do I have to worry about injury other then diving or running into an object in the outfield (light pole and fence). I salute you pitchers and infielders you have more gusto then I do when it comes to taking the really hard hit balls and turning them into plays to help your team. I just hope that I don’t see anything close to these plays that happened on one Sunday happen again this whole season and seasons to come.


Why The Yankees Are Failing..

Tuesday, 5 May 2009- Written by

Let me start out by saying this is solely my opinion, but since I have a website and you don’t I get to put my opinion out into the public and you don’t (unless you comment or have your own site). I have been a New York Yankees fan my whole life and never wavered in my support for the Yanks. Even through birth I was supposed to be a Mets fan, since I was born only mere miles away from the stadium in Queens at Hillcrest General Hospital. My brothers and I have just always been die hard Yankees fans and never gave up. Of course we had the glory years 96′ to 00′ full of championships, but we were fans long before the Dynasty and still are today through the ups and downs either through there play or off the field activity.

Now that you have a little background on my Yankees support, I will tell you why they are failing this year so far. Currently they are sitting on a 13-12 record in the AL East behind Toronto and then the Red Sox. The Yanks have yet to play Toronto but has played Red Sox 4 times thus far and have lost all 4, but have also lost 3 of those games by less then 3 runs or less. In one of those games Jason Bay homered in the 9th to extend it to extra innings and K.Youkilis homered in the 11th to eventually win the game. Ok, that is not horrible blown saves come rarely from Mariano Rivera but they seem to be coming more frequent with his old age but I love Mo so much he could blow 10 saves in a row and he’ll still be the best closer in my lifetime. Those were some tough loses to watch.

yankees-rispWhat the Yankees are becoming notorious for as of this season is leaving Runners In Scoring Position (RISP). They are 3rd to last in the AL with RISP, which a team with so much talent up and down the batting order should be leading the league in RBI’s but instead are 4th from last in that category as well. I might be a little hard on the Yankees by pointing this out so early in this season but they were only .006 higher at the end of last year in this category with RISP.

There pitching will come along but you need to be able to put up runs to make sure your pitcher feels confident his team will give him cushion so he doesn’t have to pitch a perfect game. Any pitcher is going to do better when he has a lead his teammates gave him to protect. Yankees pitching hasn’t been the GREATEST but there keeping most teams at bay with low scoring but the Yanks haven’t been producing much.

Regardless when A-Rod gets back into the lineup and gives more power in the middle of the batting order hopefully it will all turn around. When Cano is batting .349 and Melky right behind him at the top batting .317 leading the Yanks in batting average you know something is up. Hopefully they improve on this if they have any chance of coming out of the AL east for the playoffs this year. I know it’s early to even mention the P word but every game counts towards it when fighting for a spot in the best Division in the Majors.


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