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The Night We Were 1st Loser

Thursday, 11 May 2006- Written by

Two Thursdays ago was just like every other Thursday for myself, go to beer pong in the nutty irishman in bayshore, and attempt to win there tournament with my brother Tom as my partner. That night we decided to switch it up a little, since we have not gotten out of the second round in the 3 weeks prior. I brought down my original partner from all my years of playing Charlie Spahr, who is known to hold it down for his last cup skills. Tom decided to call up one of our friends Adam Kruger and see if he could get out of the second round with him.


I actually had to beat Tom to get to the finals of the tournament and wound up loseing to ‘Team Cum’. It jumped team ‘’ up into the top 10 at the record of 7-4. We actually completed the week after this one by losing the first round (with Tom back as my partner), but we play tonight and I’ll update on the status. Click on the picture below to view the pictures of the night.



It’s that “TIME” of year!!!

Tuesday, 18 Apr 2006- Written by


Can you smell the sweet blades of grass and imagine Bruce with his huge glasses on the mound and sweetchuck in leftfield. If you do that means DirtyDalerz Softball is on the horizon and this year is setting up to be a very promising year for the softball team. We have some key additions to this years rosters that should set us up well to contend for the championship.

New expectations are set high this year for the DirtyDalerz as we try to improve on a great record last year of 25-8 and a win percentage of .757%. In the winter we looked out to improve a team so we would be able to go into this year even stronger and better than the last. First the subtractions who we want to give a huge THANK YOU to is Jay Dupont, Ryan, and Jay Beriloff for showing up and playing last year and making it a great season for all of us. Side note they left on their own discretions.

Next, the additions to the 2006 DirtyDalerz softball team. First, Dennis Truebig who I once played with in High school Baseball and has a knowledge for the game thats uncanny. His big bat and great feilding will be a main stay in the DirtyDalerz lineup. He will fill in everywhere we need him because hes that versitle. Second, the crasy polish assassin Walter Celinski who filled in last year in some games and performed leaps and bounds over what many expected knowing he never really played the game before. His speed and bat will provide some protection to our already solid 3,4,5,6 hitters. Finally Tom Hind rounds out the additions for the DirtyDalerz. Tom also filled in last year and has solidified a spot on this stellar team. Tom provides a very solid player who hits adn fields with the best of them. He will spell some time for JStud at first and also at catcher and the outfield.

Now for the Dalerz who have come back again this year after Manager Romano renewed their contracts for the 2006 season. First in the outfield where it improved leaps and bounds over the first year massacre that was called an outfield. The outfield was outstanding this year with most of it roamed by BC, Nacho, Charlie, and Anthony. Each one doing their own thing to help the ball club. BC in my mind was the most improved player on our team from year one, he went up in every hitting category. He batted .517 which was good for fourth on the team with 45 hits, 7 doubles, 5 triples, 3 homers which was good for second and 28 RBIs. We had him on an off season diet to get him more speed for the oufielder but something went wrong when he lost half himself which was too much wieght but is looking to improve and and have another stellar season. Next, Nacho who renewed his green card once again to play for the Dalerz and now resides in 3 different homes will be out speed in the outfield. He had numerous web gems in the outfield which he patroled very gracefully. Nacho was tied for second on the team in hits with 47 and led the team in runs last year (53) along with at-bats(106). He will be looked to get on base once agin for the dirtydalerz and will be a table setter for the big-boopers. Next, Charlie Spahr who was picked up again this year by Romano after joining the MTA police academy. Charlie will be once again the ring leader out in the outfield for the Dalerz. Again he proved why hes one of the best fielding outfielders in our league with a strong arm and a good presence out there. He batted .488 on the year with 28 RBIs and really came on down the stretch as a clutch hitter for the Dalerz. He will be looked upon to improve the hitting stats which will put him over the top as one of the best OFs in our league. Finally, rounding out the Outfield is Anthony who had numerous Outfield assists for us last year. Known for his cannon of an arm he will look to improve on his hitting stats and once again be a strong mainstay in the lineup as well as the veteran in the outfield. Anthony batted .373 last year with 4 doubles, 2 triples, one HR and 12 RBIs for the Dalerz.

The Infield can be described as one of the best infields in our conference if not WESCO league with our fielding, hitiing, and pitching at a premium every game in and out. It included Adam, Tommy C, Bojo, John and POPS. Combined they had a average of .553 with 172 runs scored, 59 doubles, 21 triples, 14 HRs and 186 RBIs. These numbers are mind boggling and only looked on the be suceeded this year with each player getting stronger in their own rights. First, Adam who was a newcomer on the squad in 2005 didint dissapoint hitting 2 homers in the first game with the Dalerz last season and finished the season batting .586 which was second on the team, with 10 doubles, 2 triples, and 3 homers along with 38 RBIs which was also good for second on the team. He will still be a mainstay at the 5 hole for the Dalerz along with his good arm at third. Injuries slowed him down last season toward the end and now has traded in his motorcycle for a Hotwheels which coach Romano put into his contract as a clause. Next at second was the manager and the architect of putting this powerhouse team on the field. His hard work and dedication to the Farmingdale communinty to put out a quality club is appreciated. Along with putting the club together he also had a breakout season for the Dalerz after having a rough first season with them he came on the next season hitting 556. Which was good for third on the team, with 14 doubles (2nd on team), 6 triples(2nd on team), 3 homers(2nd on team) and 33 rbis(4th on team). He was hampered with a nagging knee injury down the stretch of the season and has rehabbed through the police academy and looks stronger then ever. He will be combined with Tommy C to complete a great up the middle combo who can turn the double play with the best of them. After a long Contract dispute that put J STud on the brink of retirement of the DIrty Dalerz, JStud and coach Romano came to an agreemnet on a new contract on the softball slash football player which included bonuses and a Commercial with SUBWAY along side Joe Torre and Willie Randolph which has not aired yet. J Stud is an anchor at first base with the patent cutoff sleeve shirt and underarmour underneath to go along with his gray and green nike shorts, he has been a force to be reconed with at first. J Stud batted 505.(5th on team) with 47 hits (second on team), 7 doubles, 3 triples, 2 homers and 34 RBIs (3rd on team). He has solidified the 3 hole position of the DirtyDalerz and is looked upon to have a strong and steady season. Next, which i think is the most important guy and player on our team is POPS our pitcher. The wiley veteran is the gem amongst gems as a pitcher and emotional leader along with being the tablesetter as our lead-off batter. As a pitcher he was an ACE in every sense of the word having an ERA below 7 and having multiple strikeouts on the season in slow-pitch softball is simply amazing. At the bat he wasnt bad either going .505 (tied for 5th) with 35 runs(3rd on team), 12 doubles(3rd on team), 3 triples(4th on team) and 21 RBIs. He was top 5 in almost every hitting category and will be looked upon to be our leader and stopper. Finally Tommy C had a year amongst years and has signed up for another year as the shortstop of the Dalerz. Along with his fat Chew he had in every game which grossed out the fans he hit 632.(1st on team) with 55 hits(1st on team), 45 runs(2nd on team), 16 doubles(1st on team), 7 triples(1st on team), 6 homers(1st on team) and a whopping 60 RBIs(1st on team). He led the Dalerz in almost every category and looks to do so this year also. He does however have to improve alittle on the defense where he had some games filled with errors and looks to improve on that end. He looks to take the Dalerz all the way this year!!!

We would also like to thank the fans for their overwhelming support last year and encourage it even stronger this year when we look to do even better.

That rounds out the DirtyDalerz Softball preview and the look at your 2006 Dalerz!!!! Tune in for a fun season which will be filled with fun and excitment for eveyone and by the season end we hope to have a trophy in the trophy case for the skip Romano.


Dale born Hits First MLB Homerun

Thursday, 6 Apr 2006- Written by


Well it seems after talking about Anna Benson and the B.S. that brought to the Baltimore Orioles, we seemed to pass up the oppurtunity to talk about a Farmingdale born MLB player Nicky Markakis who I actually knew and played with way back in the day of little league. Even back then with him and my brother Tom pitching they won there share of World Series. It was only inevitable that he would go on to do great things, he was an amazing baseball player and person. Shit I remember the days of going to my grandma’s house (which they lived across the street from) and playing wiffle ball and causeing havok back then since all of our brothers would play together (all 8 of us).

Regardless, tonight he made his debut I believe in the outfield for Baltimore and after two pop fly at-bats he sent a solo shot right outta Camden Yards. I just want to say Good Luck in the majors Nicky we will all be keeping an eye on you and updateing it right here on the site. How about hitting a Homer for ? … lol … I guess you can’t get all you ask for.

READ ON with the article on the

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Tournament Results..

Wednesday, 5 Apr 2006- Written by

Well I know it was short notice to go around telling people about the Beer Pong Tournament only a day beforehand, so next time around i’ll put it out there in advance so we can bring more of farmingdale crowd down. Basically .. the question you have been waiting to be answered is … “How did do stacked up against new competition?”. Answer, pretty damn good if I don’t say so myself. Here is how it went down:


We rushed there thinking we were a half-hour late (12:30) to get there and see that things weren’t going to get started for another hour or so, which wasn’t bad but actually helped nurse the hangover of the night before. I had only 4 hours of sleep .. and was barely sober. Thanks to the Captain Morgan and a shitload of bud lights the night prior. After the first beer we had at the bar .. which surprisingly went down pretty smooth probably because there was still a ton of alcohol in my system, we got word the tournament was starting. The annoucer .. Joe .. who before i get into talking about the tournament .. was a great fucking guy and was nice as hell. Ok, we are on table 1 which since I don’t know any of the other teams but I gotta say the competition was pretty fucking good. We had the premiere team of the tournament “slippery fetus” in our bracket along with some other colorful names like “whip cream wendy” “starving asians” “jew nazi” and “hollywood”. Definitely a great mix.

In the first game we played the ‘starving asians‘ which was a tight game .. which went to OT. It’s a game we should of won but we got our revenge. The second game we played we were up against a team called ‘whip cream wendy’ .. a very nice guy and girl duo .. who weren’t that bad, We won. Next we played this other team out of the losers bracket we were in called ‘hollywood’ .. and put a whooping on them. Then the game of the night (for me at least) came up .. vs. ‘slippery fetus’. They basically where stated as being one of the top 3 teams in the country (as per the ad) and I really wanted to play them just to see if we could run with the elite. And so we did .. and won, which I’m not sure if it was in OT but I know it was a close game. Basically those 3 straight wins we won our way out of the losers bracket.

Now came the game(s) that whomever the winner is advances to the final four of the tournament. It was Team ‘Dirty Dalerz’ vs. ‘Starving Asians’, the team who beat us and sent us to the losers bracket in our first game. Since it was double elimination we had to beat them TWICE in order to stay alive and reach the final four of the tournament. It started out fine for game one .. they hit one cup .. we hit one cup .. then we just ran away with it and sealed the win for Game 1. At that point I was so fuckin amp’d I was sweating like a maniac. Game 2 started .. and we jumped ahead early to only have them fight back and make the game two cups to two to see who advances. Next thing you know .. I hit a cup .. they miss both.. charlie sinks the last cup for the victory. We went nuts .. fighting our way out of the losers bracket to beat the team who sent us there twice was definitely the way to go. After that (to me) that was farther then I thought we were going to get after suffering a loss so early.

Then came our final four match, there were 2 other teams with a loss that made it to the finals and one team that was undefeated the whole tournament. I believe there name was ‘fungus amungus’. We all drew papers to see who would play who and guess who I draw .. the team that needed two loss’s to be eliminated. It was a good game but by that time the beer was kicking in .. the tournament was about 2 hours in .. and we just couldn’t muster up a win. We lost, and took 3rd/4th place .. i dunno how they would distinguish the 3rd/4th so .. i’m saying either or.

All in all .. great fuckin’ people over there at the Nutty in Bayshore, they were very friendly and are very good beer pong players. Thank you to Joe (the tournament commish) for being so nice and welcoming, and I hope to see them all again next tournament. But next time, will run deeper with at least 3 or 4 teams.

Check out pictures from the even by clicking here..


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Come play amungst the Best !

Saturday, 1 Apr 2006- Written by


You think your good at beer pong? Well put your money where your mouth is … $50 bucks gets you into the hottest beer pong tournament to hit the island. Supposedly 64 Teams will round out the tournament and your $50 pays for your beer and entrance into the tournament. The DirtyDalerz pride themselves in there beer pong stills but we’ll see how we fair against pro-competition. Come on down to the NUTTY IRISHMAN OF BAYSHORE .. try to kick B.C. and Charlie Spahrs’s ass in beer pong .. but we will probably send you home crying. For more details click on the banner below or instant message zooyorkfreak3:


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