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Millionaire Athlete with a heart?

Friday, 4 Aug 2006- Written by

If your a deal seeker, and you don’t already know about the clothing outlet ‘Steve and Barrys’ then you been missing out. Everyone knows to get quality cloth’s at a fraction .. wait not even fraction .. how about half to almost 75% off regular quality cloths you can go to Steve and Barrys to pick up a shirt or cargo shorts and now SNEAKERS.


Stephon Marbury of the New York Knicks (duh?) has set out in conjunction with Steve and Barry’s University Sportswear to manufacture basketball sneakers priced at $14.99. Starbury (stephons nickname in new york papers) found out that he could make $15 sneakers and have the same quality as top nike basketball sneakers and have them be affordable to kids who don’t want to ask there parents for $100 for new basketball sneakers. I thought this was amazing, finally a million-dollar athlete looking out for the middle to lower class fans and throwing them a bone. He is also going as far to show the quality of the sneaker to wear it all season long in his NBA games.

I have seen the sneakers and for $15 they are a steal. I haven’t been playing basketball lately as much as I would like to but I have run into the problem of not having basketball sneakers to do so .. just either running sneakers or other sneakers nothing I can make cuts in. This is the perfect product for me. The shoe doesn’t come out until the 17th of August but I will be first in line to pick me up a pair of black ones and write a review about it on the site.

Just like the quality clothes the store Steve and Barry’s makes, I hope the basketball sneakers hold true to there word.


About time For an OFFICAL update***

Wednesday, 2 Aug 2006- Written by

Well what can I say, I saved the day I guess~ anyway hope all you people out there are doing good and are enjoying the lovely summer weather…F.Y.I (I sware I saw satan walking down Main St. the other day). Well it is hot as balls out so I’m hoping some of you people are like me and flock to air condtioning like moths to a flame or a hooker to a penis. Well why’ll your in there an your all so bored and it seems as if nothing good is on T.V. I recommend this show to watch. The name of the show is “Lucky Louie” and its on HBO usually at night around like 1030ish. Let me tell you something this show is fucking fantastic. So good in fact that Bojo and myself had a whole big 6 hour long marathon of watching this show…Well I dont want to ruin anything about the show for any of you but take it from me that you need to either TIVO the shit or get HBO on demand and watch the fuck out of it cuz it will make your day.
On to other news now, I would like to point out the DirtyDalerz softball team finally took its first double header loss in both games. We played against the third place Underdogs and they were fucking so fast and played the ball very well…We couldnt string hits together when we needed it and the fielding was at an all time low for the year. This however was due to the fact that there was about a Month Hiatious taken from the league due to inclimate weather. It sucks I know.
Overall, to end this post, I would like to point out that a lot of the up and coming posts will be made by me “John” because I had to sell my soul to BC for undisclosed reasons. Now people since I have control of this humpty I was wondering if we should bring back “Ask John” for a reunion tour. Now this is the new change. Since BC will never get around to doing the videos for the questions I will simply ask you to POST a question either on the comment board or ask me personally and then I will Re-post your question with my REsponse and thus we will rekindle the “Ask John” forum. Also if any of you loyal patrons out there want me to “AIR” anyting out or touch on a specific topic and post it simply. Leave me A POST and it will be done cuz I GOT IT LIKE THAT. REmember From now on until who knows when im probably going to repost new things every two days. So look out for some out landish shit and pray to god BC doesnt kick me off for getting to RAUNCHY…….

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Get it before its GONE !

Tuesday, 25 Jul 2006- Written by

Apparently the people who brought you Jay-Z and the Beatles mashed-up together have now outdone them self with none other then …. Gnarls Barkley and Notorius B.I.G. . This shit is insane, I have listened to all of these songs in there oringal form but these mash-ups are fuckin amazing. Shows you if you take the vocals out on most songs .. you can mash it with another. Sound advice did a great job. Of course i don’t know how legal this all is so GET IT BEFORE IT GETS SHUT DOWN .. Click on the picture below to go to the site or go to


p.s. – my favorite track is #2 “the last nasty boy”

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Summer Slowdown.

Thursday, 20 Jul 2006- Written by

Of course with any great site .. it slows down in the summer with action. Mainly due to people actually going out and living it up in the beautiful weather. Hey, i can’t complain I just got off a four day weekend two days binge drinking, one day going to a water park then hitting up the Yankees game right after last night. So its hard to get the new content up. But without further hesitation .. more pictures and a couple words.


First off is a little party at the tortoso’s, (which is always good because I can get horrifically trashed and walk 100 feet to my house) where we celebrated Vicki’s birthday. Is it me or is it every weekend we have something to fuckin celebrate. My liver is in fuckin shock .. but im a trooper and i’m sure i’ll survive. Let me give props where there due. Ryan and Shell ran table all night long (look down further you two to the beer pong notice) and would not get off the table. They also completed a double cup on the night i believe on the first shots vs some team (ours). A great night none the less. Here is another picture of the girlies just for some cheap hits to the site thru eye-candy 😉

Picture 030

Also in the NEW Dirty Dalerz Photo Gallery, are pictures from Lisa’s party click on the picture below to check them out. Since i was not there Tina took care of the picture taking for me 😉

all of us

Ok, so last night me and Charlie went to the Yankees vs. Seattle Baseball game. We didn’t have tickets so we were expecting to get some cheap bleachers when we arrived at like 6:45 for a 7:00 start. No luck, game day window was closed. Fuck! Start the mad dash for tickets. Dirty Scalpers wanted as much as $40 a ticket for fuckin TEIR RESERVED aka Nose Bleeds… fuck that. We waited a little more .. once the scalpers heard the national anthem and the game about to start .. prices started to fall. Haha until I had five scalpers fighting for my money. $25 a ticket later .. for the best BLEACHERS SEATS YOU WILL EVER HAVE IN YOUR LIFE!! Row CC, yes .. that is the first row in the bleachers section. I been to many of Yankees games in my favorite seating section the bleachers but NEVER front row (in Lefty Home Run Territory too).


We dashed into the stadium hopeing our tickets weren’t for last years games (fuckin scalpers) .. lol .. and they were legit, we make it in for roll call. Yanks wound up winning in the ninth after a rain delay (we weren’t there for it which sucked) but we did come out of it with a ball. Bernie realizeing that we were sitting in seats we will never aquire again (lol) .. he made the third out of an inning and tossed the ball up our way and of course big mama’luke Charlie stuck his mits out and grabbed it for a nice lil souvenier. All downhill from there an hour into our train ride which was stopped most of the time 15 min outta jamaica, got called back to jamaica due to a power line down on the tracks in New Hyde Park. No trains on the Ronkonkoma line for the rest of the night. Fuckin’ Bullshit. After sitting at jamaica for 2 hours waiting for a Babylon train we finally made our way home. At 3 am. Yeah, i missed my train when i woke up this morning .. but i did get a funny picture yesterday which i would love to share. I love chinese people. Catch you all friday for the Dirty Dalerz game vs. the number one team.


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