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Whats With all this dancing?

Wednesday, 4 Oct 2006- Written by

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I have showed many this video and I always get that this is one of the funniest videos they ever seen. Little People dancing is hilarious, except mini me .. he is just fuckin annoying. Enjoy this one.

Also, the site is back up after being suspended for a couple of days. Long story short .. won’t happen again.

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Tonight it starts!

Friday, 29 Sep 2006- Written by

Tonight is the first time in a long time the Nutty Irishman of Farmingdale is bringing back beer pong. Who better to head it up then B.C. himself. I will be running the show so to say with the whole tournament. We are about 7 hours from the start of the tournament and it’s shapeing up to be a blast. The last thing i have to do right now is write the rules on poster board for the first time players in the tournament. When thats done, I’m all set and ready to go. Details are listed below. Come down .. drink it up it will only last from 10 to probably 12 something (the tournament), and enjoy drinks afterwards with me and the crew. You have probably seen this flyer on the main part of the website but instead of writing everything out again, here it is ..

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Gotta love White people.

Thursday, 28 Sep 2006- Written by

Now i know why everyone loves to make fun of white people dancing. I don’t blame ’em. Hey, I’m white and i will not even attempt to try this funny ass dance called the “Chicken Noodle Soup”. Check out this link to for the correct way to do it. Now if you want to see some white boys try it out click on the movie below. I also have a movie of john doing it but until he gives me the word .. i can’t release it .. :( .. enjoy

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Oh Friday.

Saturday, 16 Sep 2006- Written by

Drunk .. .yese … it was raining

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Dirty Dalerz Make Playoffs for 2nd Consecutive Year!

Friday, 25 Aug 2006- Written by

Dirty Dalerz Make the Playoffs

Dirty Dalerz Softball makes it to the playoffs of Wesco Week Nite League for the second consecutive year! With the ball now rolling as we play the first place team tonight for the last game of the regular season. We plan on tacking up two more wins on our record against them ‘Cassidy’s Giants’ just to give a late season push into the playoffs and stay hot. We can definitely make it deep into the playoffs. If you actually look at the brackets .. and we win out the first two games which is very very REALISTIC .. we play either the first place team of division A or second place team of division B. The playoffs last a total of 4 days. That is a ton of softball if you ask me. We can do it .. BYAHHHHHHHH! All the Dirty Dalerz Fans you better be out in full force on Monday at 6:45 at Cantiague A !

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