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Crazy Ass Thursday !

Monday, 23 Oct 2006- Written by

It’s taken 4 days for me to be able to post all this stuff because Last Thursday was a packed night at the Nutty Irishman Farmingdale. Not only were people there for the Mets Game but a crazy amount of people were there for the 4th Week of the Beer Pong Tournaments existance.

A lot of new teams and a lot of the house teams .. the new teams proved to be better this night by knocking out usual late rounders in the first or second round. All in all amazing night .. more teams to come this Thursday and More fun to be had. Come on down to the Nutty Irishman Farmingdale! Here is a video clip of how things went down this past Thursday in the last game .. Herbin Cats OVER LightWeights 10-10, in Double OT!

Also for pictures of the night .. click on the picture below !

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4th Annual ..

Tuesday, 17 Oct 2006- Written by


It’s mid-October and what goes through most peoples mind is “what am I going to be for halloween” .. not in the Dirty Dale. Mid-October means there is only a month until the prized Turkey Bowl. A Farmingdale tradition that has gone on since 2002. Each year brings bragging rights of who is the best & who is Turkey Bowl MVP! This year .. there will be a draft of who’s on who’s team to make everything fair for a hard fought Turkey Bowl. The date and time of said Draft is TBD .. but infomation will be provided soon. This year is going to be a great one now that no one has college lacrosse anymore, but i’m not looking forward to the day of soreness afterwards that always happens.

Here is a little throwback photo from the first Annual Turkey Bowl in 2002.

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Nutty Irishman Beer Pong 10.13.2006

Monday, 16 Oct 2006- Written by

Another Night in the books and 20 teams showed up to compete. There were so many tight games and one DOUBLE overtime game that was played. But the Victors of the night were team Forget To Wipe. Come down next week as the competition gets even fiercer !


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Reno 9-11 Birthday Wakeup

Tuesday, 10 Oct 2006- Written by

I wish i was smart enough to do this to someone on there birthday. John recently picked up the Reno 9-11 season one dvd up for $10, I think used at GameStop and of course it is hilarious. Well here is a clip I found on .. enjoy

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