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Turkey Bowl Results

Sunday, 3 Dec 2006- Written by

The games final results where the dyNASTY 8 … the Franchise 6.

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The Tim Treubig Line

Tuesday, 21 Nov 2006- Written by

Ive been thinking about this and I think that the spread should be close but since we dont kick field goals I think the spread is as this:

This is what I chose to look at while figuring this out:

1) No Field Goals… if we are doing to do field goals then it is different

2) Tom Cinelli is REALLY FUCkING PUMPED for this.. haha

3) Rob will be sober

4) Bubba isn’t playing so you don’t have a kamikazee out there unless Uncle Neil lives up to his reputation

5)My brothers weighs 130lbs

6) Rob was the #1 pick therefore he IS THE BEST player in our crew

7) John has increased his endorsement deals since the draft

8) Heller’s Shoulder is still a factor but hes 7 inches taller than anyone else on The Dynasty

9) Where will BC’s head be at…. Thursday Night Beer Pong or Turkey Bowl

10) Walter & Tom Hind haven’t ran for about 6 months but still Tom hasn’t ran when he was in school anyway b/c he was a goalie so Idk how much that will effect

11) Rob has been chasing black guys for over a year now so that decreases his 40 about 2 seconds

12) I can’t even remember the last time Doo Doo has ran or not smoked a cigarette so he has a good chance of losing his breath after the kickoff… but on the other hand he can kill some people too


14) Charlie Spahr may be sober also, not sure of his work schedule.. SO THAT IS TWO SOBER PEOPLE FOR THE DYNASTY

15) Carrabballo hasn’t grown since the 4th grade but I timed him in the 40 the other weekend and he ran an impressive 3.7 40… thats pretty good

16) Daro… all I know is that he was pretty good at Halo back in the day

17) Since I will be going out with Walter and no girlfriend to care for throughout the night.. I will be blacked out and 98% sure that I will throw up during pre game

18) The Dynasty has an official doctor on the team… The Franchise dont, they have a volunteer Fireman though

19) The Franchise will have atleast 2 sober people which is HUGE; therefore my spread for the game is:

The Franchise -10
The Dynasty +10


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Turkey Bowl 2006 is Almost Upon Us!

Monday, 20 Nov 2006- Written by

Only 4 days and counting until the 5th Annual Turkey Bowl is upon us. Teams are picked .. jerseys are being made .. trophies are at the ready, Thursday hell will be unleashed. NO line has been set on the game yet but it will sure be a tough game. The teams are as Follows:

On the Dynasty we have:

Adam “The Answer” Kruger #5 < --Captain Timmy Treubig #22 John "The Fridge" Cinelli #56 Brian "Tres" Cinelli #3 Greg "The Shark" Daro #21 Matt "Squared" Williams #37 Chris "Spyder" Caraballo #23 Dennis "Buck 60" Treubig #4

And On the opposing team The Franchise we have:

Tommy “The Arm” Cinelli #22 < --Captain Ryan "Tall Mother Fucker" Heller #88 Robert "I always wear the Dunn Jersey" Romano #66 Walter "beans" Celinski #40 Charlie "Can we take a cigarette break yet?" Spahr #8 Neil "unkie" Cinelli Tom "The Sleeper" Hizzo Doo Doo "doo doo" Ryan

Both teams look fierce. This looks like its going to be a game for the ages people. Stay tuned for the Pre-Game SMACK TALK and the video of the draft.

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Countdown till Thursday

Tuesday, 7 Nov 2006- Written by

First off all NEW stats are updated and posted in the Nutty Irishman Beer Pong Stat Section of this site. Check out the new stats because there has been a ton of movement at the top. With new teams showing up from both Hofstra and Bayshore the locals are getting a great dose of competition. Two out of the Last Three weeks Champions of the night have been from outside the Local Farmingdale Nutty Crew.

This week another team was crowned champions of the night and now have a huge cross-hair on there back for this upcoming Thursday. The team is “Slippery Fetus” who placed second last year at the World Series of Beer Pong. Check the recap video of the last game and see Slippery Fetus get there first Championship in only two weeks of coming down:

Come down this Thursday to see if Slippery Fetus will be the first team to win two in a row or cheer for the team that strips it from them.

ALSO, There will be 3 tables going this week so less waiting around and MORE pong being played.

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Another Thursday .. Another Surprise

Wednesday, 1 Nov 2006- Written by

After hosting a NIBP record amount of team .. 32 .. the night turned out to be one we would never forget (at least until this upcoming Thursday). Where a team came out of no where for ONE week and ONE week only to garuntee victory and come through. Team “Spaghetti and Meatball” was that team with the cocky confidence and the game to back it up.

They ran through there opponents like it was nothing and only having one game where it came down to 1-1. After that it was smooth sailing for John Cinelli and Ryan Heller who captured the NIBP crown for the night and $140 a piece to spend on hookers and booze (or at least that is what they said they were going to do).

All in all a crazy fuckin’ night at the Nutty Irishman Farmingdale and another Beer Pong Tournament in the books as we near the Nutty Irishman Bayshore World Series of Beer Pong Satellite teams are getting hungrier to head to Las Vegas, NV and a chance at $20,000. We had an appearance from the Second Place team from the last years WSOBP last Thursday and they more then likely will be down there this week. So head down to the Nutty Irishman Farmingdale this week, Hey you could win some money!

Here is the highlight clip of the Final game of last Thursday Night:

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