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Monday, 3 Jul 2006- Written by

There will be changes taking place to the site. If you check out and it looks pretty damn funky, chances are I’m screwing around with it at that point in time. I’m just making the necessary upgrades to make this site better and take us out of ‘norm’ of the old layout. Expect this all to be complete by the first week of July if I’m able to get on top of it like i would like to.


Now on Last Sunday was Nicole’s graduation party out in West Hampton. To sum up the whole night, heinekin kegs and me & doo doo running sh!t all night long in beer pong. The only game we lost was to Nicoles father and Brian (which should be protested since, they were leaning like a mother f*cker). It was really fun and thank you Nicole for letting us crash there.


On Last Monday the DirtyDalerz crew now has another addition to the ‘men in blue’ category. Charlie completed his academy stuff, and had his graduation at MSG. Now that is scary both Bojo and Charlie are both police officers, what is even scarier is that Doo Doo wants to be a police officer too. God Help New York.


The Dirty Dalerz Softball team is off to an amazing start at 7-1, with our only loss coming from our first game. Everyone seems to be doing amazing in there own aspects. Our defense is amazing .. our offense can catch fire at any time. If everyone in our division doesn’t watch out .. we might actually run away with the ‘ship this year. Notables who deserve to be called out for amazing performances are Timmy Treubig and John Cinelli both doing amazing on both sides of the field. Timmy is averageing a HR a game (per double header) and John Cinelli recently went 8 for 8 on the day with a triple and has been solid all year round at the three spot. We just have to keep it up which we will have no problem doing.

There is also talks about a trip being planned to Lake George. The place where we would be going is an Hotel that has a WATER PARK built inside it. Of course to cut down on cost we will have to pack out the room(s) that we get and definitely bring coolers of beer to our room. This is only the planning stages so far me and Tina will be trying to get shit together for this the only thing we need from the dirtyz is to set a date for a weekend where this is going to happen. July looks pretty packed so we will probably shoot for August maybe.

Well the parties are still happening every weekend so there should be a ton of new pictures going up in the Dirty Dalerz Flickr. I’m phaseing out the gallery (along with other things for the site) because it takes up a ton of space on the server and with flickr you can order pictures and just pick them up at target in an hour. Plus you can comment/add notes to pictures so that should get interesting. Check out the Dirty Dalerz Flickr, more of the old albums will be moved over to there so patience. If you want to add your own pictures just get in touch with me and i’ll give you the login information.

For now I guess that is it… time to get fuckin bombed!

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