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Mr. Peppers

Friday, 9 Jun 2006- Written by

WHAT THE FUCK IS BRIAN PEPPERS? I am here to tell you that this sick little puppy is a real life sex offender. I bet his victims are totally fucked up for life. Look how delicious those bulging eyeballs look, don’t you just want to take a fork and stab one of them for a tasty morsel. Blessed with a cranium only God could come up with while high on Crystal Meth and Cat Nip, Brian Peppers is truly a……FREAK! For more information on the all true, all real, all totally fucked up Brian Peppers enjoi this site. Uncensored:Brian_Peppers

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  1. nate says:

    I’ll that i have to say is that Brian Peppers is one nasty lookin mother fucker. And im not supprised that he’s a sex offender. And i propose that we change his name from Brian Peppers to fucked face.