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Since I’m so lazy..

Monday, 21 Dec 2009- Written by

I’ll just post a hilarious picture up before I put up the Turkey Bowl Outcome and write up later today or tomorrow. Enjoy Snookie getting jaw rocked by some douche from Long Island. If you have been living in a hole for the past month and haven’t heard or watched MTV’s ‘Jersey Shore’ its about a bunch of guidos and guidettes living together real world style but at the dirty Jersey Shore partying every night and attempting to work most of their first jobs ever at a t-shirt shop. Majority of the time its retarded and pointless, some might even complain they want those minutes of their life spent watching this crap back.

I wondered ‘Why lower your intelligence by watching this bullshit?’ and the only answer I could come up with is along the lines of everyone always having to slow down when passing a car crash. You really hope no one is hurt but god damn you want to see some dismembered body parts as you drive by just to have a sick story to tell your friends. I can’t even begin to tell you how many times I have overheard or been apart of conversations about stuff on this show with other people.

Regardless Enjoy the girl getting face rocked because she was upset this douche bag stole her drink and pounded it down then pounded her in the jaw. She didn’t deserve it but damn it is interesting to see this guy cold cock this girl named ‘Snookie’.


Update: The moving gif of Snookie getting punched was slowing down load times so click on the image of the aftermath to see the moving gif

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