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Let’s just start C.C. Sabathia all 7 Games, No?

Wednesday, 28 Oct 2009- Written by

The headline says it all. If you turned on any NY sports talk radio station last week all you heard was “let Sabathia pitch game 6 instead of Pettite” all because the got another days rest due to a rain out. It was sad to see there aren’t any smart callers who actually know what there talking about instead of verbally spewing shit out of their assholes that call these stations. There is no logic to have your Ace pitcher, pitch game six when he is readily available for game 7. As much as game 6 in a series that is 3-2 in your favor is a important win, game 7 is beyond that, its a win or go home, no stop signs give it all you got game.

This is my logic which many will agree if you have half a brain. The Yankees are pitching a 3 man rotation because they don’t trust any other pitcher on the roster to pitch the 4th game. Plain and simple. The foundation is set you have your best 3 pitchers out on the mound. Combined record of the 3 pitchers Sabathia, Burnett and Pettite is an amazing 46-25, which is 4 wins away from saying for every 2 games won they lost 1. For the retarded people out there i’ll explain in a 7 game series first team to 4 wins the series. Say you win you first two games, you lose your third. Now you win your fourth game but lose your 5th game what is the chances your next game will be a win .. its a very high percentage.

cc-sabathiaThe only person you have to really worry about is the Game 1 pitcher which is C.C. Sabathia, the ACE of the Yankees pitching rotation. You have to worry about if he HAS TO pitch 3 games (meaning a series goes 7 games) is there enough rest between starts to make it happen. That is the only issue/problem to arise other then that here are the outcomes of the 3 man rotation with a dominate Game 1 Pitcher:

Ok Sabathia pitches game 1 hopefully receiving a win. Now between your next two trusted starters (Burnett and Pettite) you hope for at least one win out of either of them. If you are so lucky to have both your game 2 and 3 pitcher win their games then you have Sabathia to lock down the series winning game 4 sweep. That’s one outcome.

Another outcome is Sabathia gets his game 1 win then out of the next two starters you break even with a win and a loss, now you have your Ace pitching a pivotal game 4 to assume a big series turning lead to 3-1 in your favor. That is a huge step in the right direction momentum wise. Your sitting at 3-1 with your second and third best pitchers trying to win the series for you. If those two pitchers blow game 5 & 6 you then have your BEST pitcher throwing game 7. Which if you did drop games 5 and 6 you put some confidence back into your team by sending out your best available pitcher out there to win the series for you.

If Sabathia gives you 2 wins and each of your second and third starters give you at least one a piece the series is over.

To just want to trot a guy out there every chance you can to win games because your scared is not logical. In this case Andy Pettite who has an unmatched amazing postseason career (16 Wins 9 Loses with a 3.83 ERA) and knows how to pitch in important games, pitching for a game 6 in which i would have no problem trusting him every time. He might not be the best pitcher on the team but he will give you quality postseason starts which not many pitchers have even accomplished or had the chance to experience in their career.

Only reason to go with a 3 pitcher rotation is because you trust all 3 of those guys to give you at least one win and one pitcher having a good series and getting 2 wins. That will win you 7 game series every time, and put you over the top to win a World Series.

Now with the Yankees in the World Series vs. the Phillies I think they should stick to the game plan with the 3 pitcher rotation. Hope your pitching stays solid and your offense produces the run support to put the pitcher at ease to pitch lights out baseball. I really think this is the best shot the Yankees have at winning it, and Joe G. I salute you for sticking to your game plan.

What do you think?

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  1. mr. hippopanonymous says:

    what is this guy talking about? get a f*$#’n life!!! i know best- YANKS IN 3!!!