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Crazy 3-Day Weekend

Wednesday, 31 May 2006- Written by

Well of course if you know any of the Dirty Dalerz crew you would know we like to go nuts on the weekends and if it’s a three day weekend it is only going to get more insane. Friday night personally I started off in Queens at a bar called ‘Sullivans’ on bell blvd. which was a great chill place. They won major points for surveing Brooklyn Brewery Beer (Brown Ale).

Saturday was a Dirty Dalerz softball practice which we all looked pretty damn good as we prepared for our scrimmage on Monday and game on Thursday. After practice we all rested for the big night ahead at Tina T’s. Everyone showed up at Tina t’s ready to get shitty. And that we did. Playing endless games of beer pong and flip cups. Tina also made all of us Dirty’s a compliation of the last 4 years to show here college years with us. It was amazingly done. I’ll try to have it up on site asap. None the less .. you always expect a great night from Tina t’s.


Sunday started with a little yard work at the cinelli house, the it turned into Jail house lifting on my front lawn. Once the word got out we were having fun at my house people just seemed to show up. Next thing you know Charlies over with Neily McNeily and were starting a wiffle ball game. Keep adding more people and beer to the picture and you see where this is going. It’s about 9pm and 13 innings have been played and 3 beer runs have been voyaged. Then somehow even more people show up and were outside my house till around 4am. End of day.


Wake up 10am, for a scrimmage vs. the Hills Boys (kenny kruger and his crew). The game didnt’ start till 1pm which it was scheduled for 12pm but its ok .. people were crawling out of there hangovers. First of all the game was out of fun .. but of course no one wants to really lose. We played 7 innings with Masterful pitching by Neil and 2 hr’s by Johnny C. But the Hills boys just kept nipping away at our lead until they were up two in the top of the 7th. The Dirty Dalerz came up to bat and after John and Tom were on base .. Adam came up and knocked a home run for the win. It was a great game .. we all had fun. Thanks to Kenny and the boys. After that everyone went to Kaitlin’s (cept me because i was sick) and had fun till the wee hours of the morning.

Just a great weekend all togehter and a great way to start off the summer. Keep coming back to for updates, softball starts this Thursday so come on down and show support.

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