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Who’s Rack Reign’s Supreme??

Friday, 26 May 2006- Written by

Now in the Dirty, we’ve been having a dispute over whose Sweater puppets, in hollywood were the best boobies in town. After some hard fought battles i’ve finally compiled a list of the hottest Breasteses in Tinsle town.

  • V.Guerra.jpg5. Vida Guerra – Yes, this is not a joke Vida Guerra has been chosen to represent spot 5 on the countdown. I know wat your saying, “hey John, she has a gorgeous ass I think your mistaken.” Well I say shut the fuck up…..if you take a moment to take your eyes off her ass and your hand off your pipe for more than three seconds and scroll to the top part of her body you see she has a pretty nice rack of lamb workin on up there. Thus why she is nominated the most under the radar award by me….Now Vida in my eyes is a triple threat and also for all your sick porno nerd computer freaks who wack your meat stick to her this means its gonna be a messin one cuz now you have to whack and scroll whack and scroll. I recomaned a lot of baby wipes…..
  • A.Benson.jpg4. Anna Benson – These boobies make me wanna grab my balls……..uhhh… baseballs you sickos… this sultury temptress is the queen of the diamond since teaming up with her hubby Kris Benson (Shes about all hes got goin for him with an era of 121223.) Anna made her big debut in the Big Apple when she came to a mets christmas party all sexified with boobies in full effect dressed as mrs. clause. Let me tell you one thing if Santa could pull some ass like this then I think Christmas would be cancelled forever. But Anna has some Ginormous boobs that look very very very good on her…….she nabbed my number 4 spot and shed gets the “Golddigger Boobie award” because why else would she be with Kris…….I MEAN COME ON NOW PEOPLE…..where all my golddiggers at……WHOODIE WHOOOOO
  • Angelina_Jolie8_070703.jpg3. Angelina Jolie- I know what your thinking…..”hey John how is angelina so low on your list….” well do me a favor and dont think no more. Angelina has two beautifully sized cantoloupes up there but she just doenst pass my next two picks. But first lets examine angelinas milk bubbles more in depth. First they are symetrical in size….not to big not to small…..she has a set of DSL’s to go along with her chest……but one thing brought her low in my eyes…..and that was she used to bang Billy Bob Thornton…..ewwww that fuckin old mans balls were all over those things probably…..old saggy balls….thats wat did her in all right….wow I need to puke now just imagining her boobies covered in Big Billy Bob Ball juice……..hey I know wat your thinking…..JOhn your acting gay……but I know once I mentioned his balls and her chest you got a real mental picture in your head so dont patronize me assholes…….thus making her SPot 3 on the list and shes gets The “Oh shit I wish I never fooled around with a guy with 80yr old testicles award” okay enuff is enuff im gonna be sick…….like seriously…….IM kinda woozy…….I need an alka-seltzer……damn…
  • LeannTweeden.jpg2. Leann Tweeden – OH baby I love your ways…..this hot temptress comes straight from the motocross scene…..Yes this huge breasted babe rides moto cross…..dont ask me how she see’s over them but she does and her boobies are my new favorite reason to watch the sport. THis babe is still very low key in the HOt babe circuit but if you look at more and more of her picutres you’ll understand why I picked her as Number 2 on the list………she is just phenominal…….everything I look for in boobs…….THERE BIGGER THAN MY FUCKING HEAD…….YESSSSSSSS……*cough,cough* ummmm back to business…..yess Tweeden is my new favorite pair of boobies to look for online….thus she is awarded “My breastest are huge in my motorcycle jacket award”…..ride on Leann….RIDE ON
  • J.Simpson.jpg1. JESSICA SIMPSON – I mean come on now everyone did you expect anything else…….She is gorgeous number one and she is like still a virgin number two……i dont care about Nick lachey he’s got a case of baby cock anyways……so its still like an untapped resource……but the reason for her being number 1 is simple…..they are gorgeous and they are REAL……..I mean real boobs dont get better than these LUMPS…….implants are molded from her boobs onto other girls that wanna look like jessica……..ITS a vicious cycle…….And shes gorgeous to boot……..she has it all and thats why she nabbs my number 1 spot on my list…….and gets the award “I may be dumb as shit but all you have to do is look at my tits award” AAAAAAAAAAAAAAA men sister……keep doing your thing and gimme a call…….

Until next time guys and gals this your pal John wishing you a great time searching on the internet for all these girls and remember use lube… smart and dont forget to use baby wipes…….PEACE

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  1. B.C. says:

    I like your left boob.