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Dirty Dalerz Heartland Open Results

Friday, 24 Jul 2009- Written by

It was an absolute blast getting together and playing 9 holes of Par3 Golf with my friends for a beautiful summer night. We all had lots of fun, but learned a lesson. Bring more beer next time to stash in our bags while playing. We ran out of beer by the 4th hole on my team, but the other team wound up stretching it out to 7 holes with beer. Charlie wound up winning the whole thing, figures because he played on the Golf Team in college (gay). We all held our own and counted every stroke so there is no CAP to the amount of strokes counted.

Surprise golfer of the night was Steven who came in 3rd and seemed to be on the green after his first shot almost every time while racking up an eagle or two. The Shit-Show award for the most comical/drunk golfer goes to Glenn for being wrecked by the 9th hole and dropping his rented putter into the water because he thought it was as deep as the putt-putt waters usually are. He was mistaken, but in turn we got to dunk his drunk ass in the water to try to retrieve the club even though we found out in the end the guy running the course didn’t care.

Below is a video of everyones first tee shot, believe me your going to laugh at the peanut gallery jokes of us all teeing off for each other to see. If you would like to see pictures taken at the course click here. It was a great time all around, look out for our next outing, which will only be bigger and more of a shit show.


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