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Demarini Softball Bats – Will Stick With Them Forever

Thursday, 14 May 2009- Written by

I very rarely talk about companies that I will stick to because there so amazing all around that I’ll always bring my business to them. Rarely now a days it’s hard to find a great product, at a great price, and have amazing customer service. I don’t know if that is asking a lot but that is what I look for when you want my customer loyalty. After a while I lost hope looking out for companies that had that all around qualities. Until I had bought my first Softball Bat from Demarini.


2009 Demarini White Steel

This bat pictured is my second bat from Demarini which is the 2009 Demarini White Steel and will get to the story involving that purchase and history in a second. My first bat was purchased for $190 named the 2008 Demarini White Steel. It was the first year this bat was in production and I took a big gamble on buying a bat that wasn’t a proven monster. It looked really attractive and was mysterious in its looks and feel. It felt somewhat balanced in weight but end loaded, which is difficult to find in a two piece bat. Two piece meaning the barrel and the handle are manufactured separately then put together for the final product. Every time you hold it in your hands you feel so comfortable that it meets all your needs to put the ball where you need to put it and drive it with power.


2008 Demarini White Steel

The gamble paid off and since the purchase everyone who has hit with the bat and myself have become a believer in the Demarini White Steel and its all around versatility to all hitters of power AND contact. They say its not the bat .. its the hitter, but when your confident you have the best piece of equipment to get the job done in your hands it only builds your confidence in yourself to produce the needed outcome whether it be a home run or a single up the middle. I have won 3 championships and been in a total of 4 Championship series where all those teams utilized the bat as a majority. That is a lot of swings for one bat, in which most bats start to break down after about 500 hits thereafter. This bat has put up well over 500 hits and still hits pretty well. Only after 2 years of straight up knocking the stuffing out of the ball has it blurred the graphics on the bat, been re-gripped and has one VERY MINOR chip in the paint job. Most people will tell you that is un-heard of with a bat. This only solidifies my trust in Demarini for future bat purchases, in which in October 2008 I purchased the 2009 model of the White Steel.

The price for the 2009 White Steel was basically the same amount as 2008 model but with a different paint job to make the barrel look as if it was truly steel. Another minor change in detail was now the handle is white with a graphite look at certain parts. Automatically it started hitting like its predecessor, and the pure giddiness to step up to the plate and take some swings with it came out in everyone who handled it. I used the bat for a Fall league from October to early November. The weather never really dipped below 60 degrees during use but at the end of the season I noticed a small dent starting to form when I hand checked the barrel. You could not distinguish a dent visually but you could feel it somewhat in your hands. That is when I called Demarini’s customer service to notify them of my issue.

Upon calling them I explained my story and immediately they told me to send the bat in for a replacement. I was surprised that I didn’t have to jump through hoops to get my problem fixed. The customer service gave me a reference number and told me to ship the bat to there address with the receipt and all would be taken care of. The bat was shipped then received by them within about 3-4 days, when in turn they sent a replacement brand new bat to me same model and weight in a very timely manner. The bat arrived at my doorstep via UPS no more then two weeks after I had initially sent my bat to them. That is amazing turn around time to me for a company that resides in Oregon. Tonight we finally get to put the bat back to work again along side the 2007 model and I am confident it will live up to the companies name and quality they provide.


2009 Demarini White Steel in my possession

It sounds like this is a paid review from Demarini but I assure you there has been no money exchanged and no favors done other then living up to there end of there One Year replacement policy if anything goes wrong with the bat. This is stuff you don’t see from many companies of ANYTHING now a days. With how everything took place it warrented a write up on the site with backing and approval from the Dirty Dalerz softball team and all other teams I play on as well as myself. Demarini I thank you for your outstanding products and customer service. I recommend Demarini for your softball bat needs. You can find amazing prices at where I purchase all of my Demarini bats and products with quick shipping and service as well.

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