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Why The Yankees Are Failing..

Tuesday, 5 May 2009- Written by

Let me start out by saying this is solely my opinion, but since I have a website and you don’t I get to put my opinion out into the public and you don’t (unless you comment or have your own site). I have been a New York Yankees fan my whole life and never wavered in my support for the Yanks. Even through birth I was supposed to be a Mets fan, since I was born only mere miles away from the stadium in Queens at Hillcrest General Hospital. My brothers and I have just always been die hard Yankees fans and never gave up. Of course we had the glory years 96′ to 00′ full of championships, but we were fans long before the Dynasty and still are today through the ups and downs either through there play or off the field activity.

Now that you have a little background on my Yankees support, I will tell you why they are failing this year so far. Currently they are sitting on a 13-12 record in the AL East behind Toronto and then the Red Sox. The Yanks have yet to play Toronto but has played Red Sox 4 times thus far and have lost all 4, but have also lost 3 of those games by less then 3 runs or less. In one of those games Jason Bay homered in the 9th to extend it to extra innings and K.Youkilis homered in the 11th to eventually win the game. Ok, that is not horrible blown saves come rarely from Mariano Rivera but they seem to be coming more frequent with his old age but I love Mo so much he could blow 10 saves in a row and he’ll still be the best closer in my lifetime. Those were some tough loses to watch.

yankees-rispWhat the Yankees are becoming notorious for as of this season is leaving Runners In Scoring Position (RISP). They are 3rd to last in the AL with RISP, which a team with so much talent up and down the batting order should be leading the league in RBI’s but instead are 4th from last in that category as well. I might be a little hard on the Yankees by pointing this out so early in this season but they were only .006 higher at the end of last year in this category with RISP.

There pitching will come along but you need to be able to put up runs to make sure your pitcher feels confident his team will give him cushion so he doesn’t have to pitch a perfect game. Any pitcher is going to do better when he has a lead his teammates gave him to protect. Yankees pitching hasn’t been the GREATEST but there keeping most teams at bay with low scoring but the Yanks haven’t been producing much.

Regardless when A-Rod gets back into the lineup and gives more power in the middle of the batting order hopefully it will all turn around. When Cano is batting .349 and Melky right behind him at the top batting .317 leading the Yanks in batting average you know something is up. Hopefully they improve on this if they have any chance of coming out of the AL east for the playoffs this year. I know it’s early to even mention the P word but every game counts towards it when fighting for a spot in the best Division in the Majors.


3 Responses to “Why The Yankees Are Failing..”

  1. yeah yeah….u cinelli boys grew up Yankee fans when they were a lot better than the last place Mets…we’ve all heard the “I liked them before the 20 championships they won when I was 5″ but i dont buy that shit…See u guys at citifield after Los Mets win the WS this year 😉

  2. bcinelli says:

    Why did you nickname yourself the mouse?

    The Mets have to make the playoffs first, something they have had a hard time doing in the past two years. At least the Yankees had a bad year and will be in the playoffs this year as well.

    Time will tell.

  3. Rob says:

    not gonna lie, i have no idea why i gave myself the nickname the mouse but it had to be done that day…the mets and the yankees didnt make the playoffs last year so we will have to see what happens but in the mets defense the marlins are a tough team to beat in sept/oct…the yankees will agree with me on that 😉