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Dirty Dalerz 2009 Softball Preview

Tuesday, 28 Apr 2009- Written by

DirtyDalerz Softball is Back in season! The 2008 campaign was quite an impressive one for the organization, capturing there first (definitely not last) Wesco Sports LTD. Softball Championship. We would like to thank all the fans and supporters who came out this year. Not only did they win but they absolutely steam rolled there competition in the playoffs just firing off on all cylinders.

However, with that seasons amazing ending there is however a sour note in the off season, and that note is the departure of Adam Kruger from the team. Adam decided he was going to hang up his cleats and retire his jersey. (His Terrell Owens, Philadelphia Eagles Jersey will be sent to the Softball Hall of Hero’s). Adam was a great player in our organization for many years, starting up from the minors at third and subbing in as a relief pitcher and then made the official move to pitcher last year as pops retired before the ’08 season. Adam led the team in K’s and was a major factor for our success last season with his great pitching exploits. Adam also led the DirtyDalerz in motorcycle crashes in his tenure with the team averaging about 2 bike crashes a year. Adam you will be missed.

Another big change to the team comes on the managerial side of the team were John Cinelli has decided to step down as General Manager due to fatherhood. However, John hands the reigns over to a longtime Daler Tommy Cinelli. John went on to say, “Tommy has a real connection with the players and the fans simply love the guy, in my opinion it was a no brain’er to endorse him to keep this team at its dominant level.” However, in a rare move Tommy Cinelli requested that John stay on as his Assistant Manager and Bench Coach and John agreed without hesitation. This move reminds other of all the years Don Zimmer managed until he decided to be bench coach next to Joe Torre. With all that over and done with lets get on to the player Bio’s for this upcoming 2009 season.

Dennis Treubig (2B)- Dennis is the motor that ignites this team on the defensive side. Dennis is electrifying with his uncanny range and never ending energy, he is the lead off batter for the team and is as close to a guarantee that there is to get on every time. Dennis has a pension for great base running and can be a one-man scoring machine at times. Dennis electrifies the crowd every game with his leaps and dives to stop the ball. Dennis also doubles as the team’s athletic trainer.

Tommy Cinelli (SS)- You know this guy will perform year in and year out. After battling through health issues (diabetes) this player has refined his body and tuned it to have his best season with the Dalerz. Tommy led the team in RBI’s last year and was an intricate part of the team’s success. Tommy also led the team in AVG. Tommy however is equally as impressive at the Shortstop position with his flashy back hand stabs and arm strength. Battling through arm issues will be a big step this year. We expect yet another magnificent season from the new GENERAL MANAGER.

Kenny Kruger (OF)- Kenny came in last season fully healthy for the first time. Kenny managed to lead the team in HR’s. Kenny is a tremendous bat in the lineup and is as clutch as they come. His outfield play is solid and shores up any questions to that back line. The organization is really high on what this guy can do for them.

John Cinelli (1B)- John is the “powerhouse” on this potent lineup. John on any at bat can take the ball and tear the cover off of it. He has great contact ability as well and can drive runs in at reckless abandon. Johnny also has a very stout mitt at first and rarely lets a ball beat him down in the dirt. John is the emotional leader on this team.

Rob Frank (OF)- Crank had a very impressive Rookie season last year, and only get better and better as the season progressed. Rob at times showed extreme power to the gaps and has great home run potential. Rob emerged as one of the best outfielders on the DirtyDalerz roster and expectations are only getting bigger and bigger on this guy. The organization expects great things from him for years to come.

Brian Harris (3B)- B.Harris was very impressive last year at the hot corner and is so solid . You really don’t give him enough credit playing that position, the balls come at you so fast and he does a great job corralling in some pretty mean shots. Brian also gets it done on the offensive side with a smooth stroke to all fields.

Chris “Nacho” Caraballo (OF)- Nacho is a very consistent hitter in the lineup and seems to always keep the ball in play. His smooth strokes to the outfield and fast legs make for a very high OBP. Nacho is a good outfielder who should keep on being consistent all season long.

Glenn Cinelli (C/OF)- The youngest player on the roster but plays well beyond his age. Glenn has one of, if not the strongest arm on the team, An absolute HOSE. After putting his rookie season in the books and taking some lumps early on. The organization expects him to come into his own on the offensive side! Glenn is simply a pure athletic specimen and will be great this season.

Charlie Spahr (OF)- Charlie is so consistent with his hitting and is year in and year out one of the most consistent offensive threats for the DirtyDalerz. Charlie hits to all fields and gets on base. Flat out he is a producer. He primarily plays in the outfield and is solid but when Brian Harris shows up wasted to games Charlie steps in and doesn’t miss a beat at third base.

Chris Harris (P/OF)- C.Harris will be called upon to step in and take the hill for the DirtyDalerz. After showing some skill with the pill he will get the full time duties due to the departure of Adam. However, the club is fully endorsing Harris as the pitcher and Harris can get it done on the offensive side of the ball and is a great clutch hitter and drives in runs.

Brian “BC” Cinelli (OF)- BC is the most solid outfielder out of any on the roster. He has great range and a laser rocket arm. However, injuries seem to plague BC but Brian is an Iron Man and is always there for the team. BC gets it done offensively and gives a great option for a 2nd lead off hitter. With great speed Brian constantly leads the team in Runs. If Brian can put it together for a full season the stat line on him could be eye popping. Another emotional leader of the Dalerz we call him “General Custard,” because of his high intensity and will to win.

Rob Getch (3B/OF/Util.)- Robby is the new addition to this year’s roster . Rob is expected to come in and give another middle of the lineup threat on the offense. Robby will be used primarily in the outfield rotation but will be called upon as a utility player. Coming into his rookie season he is expected to bring some excitement to this team and the team is very happy to have him. The sky is the limit for this kid!

Overall, we as a team are very excited for this season and expect to repeat on the magic of last season. Please come down and support us if you can, and keep track of the player/team stats all year long in the softball section of

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