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NY Media – The Good, The Bad, wait.. Mostly bad

Wednesday, 8 Apr 2009- Written by

I think this is at least the third or fourth time I have talked about my hate for the new york media here on It never stops when it comes to the New York Media (mostly newspapers and news organizations), and how they go for blood when reporting stories. As you all know Joba Chamberlain got a DUI a couple of months ago and pleaded “Guilty”. Here is an excerpt from Joba Chamberlain’s wikipedia profile on the DUI incident.

On October 18, 2008 at 1:00 a.m., Chamberlain was arrested in Nebraska for suspicion of driving under the influence, speeding and having an open container of alcohol in his vehicle. A Nebraska State Patrol spokesperson said Chamberlain was stopped for speeding on U.S. 77 near his hometown of Lincoln. His arraignment was postponed four times: in December 2008, January 2009, and twice in March 2009, all by Chamberlain’s request. He pleaded guilty to drunken driving and was sentenced to probation on April 1, 2009.

Everyone more then likely knows someone who has been convicted of a DUI or DWI, got locked up for the night, and suffered the consequences. Your wrong for driving if you have been drinking alcohol, everyone knows that. That is life though you live and you learn from your mistakes. I’m almost positive he is embarrassed by what happened and since has released an apology and disappointment in his actions. Right then and there it should be a thing of the past unless he breaks probation or gets another DUI. I don’t judge him, he is a 23 year old male who makes the same mistakes as any of us but it gets blown out of proportion and gets thrown under the microscope.

joba post cover dui

This news paper cover from the ‘New York Post’ almost half a year later is seriously overkill and a downright nasty jab at Joba. It is so uncalled for, like I mentioned earlier he is a young man who made a really common mistake that could of been deadly but it wasn’t but he is paying the consequences like the rest of us. I’m almost positive he wants to just put all this behind him but him being a Yankee which means living under a microscope is kind of unfair. With success comes the pressure of the media and of course the bullish New York Media. There are more important things going on in this world like the economy and people losing there jobs then reporting on Joba Chamberlins DUI six months after the incident.

They also bring up comments made by Joba about people who are not courteous in New York. The media in twisted and turned his words into him making a jab at all New Yorkers. Quite honestly most New Yorkers aren’t courteous. I am constantly seeing fights over courtesy on train rides and people accidentally walking into one another on crowded streets and platforms and not even apologizing. Its not far fetched from what he said when he encountered the police officer who courteously opened the door for Joba to the police station and said ‘he doesn’t really get that in New York’. To turn it into a media friendly as if Joba is anti-New York just to sell some newspapers is downright ridiculous.

This is why I stopped buying newspapers except for Sunday Editions because of the bullshit they sling at you through there paper and ink. Just because you have a public platform it doesn’t give you the right to blast him and think your right. Its just very upsetting to see this happen nowadays. Thats my gripe, take it or leave it.

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