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Workout Wednesdays – ‘Drop a quick pant size’

Wednesday, 18 Feb 2009- Written by

Instead of talking about food for once now we are going to talk about obtaining visual results in a hurry. We all at times retain more water then we would like, either by eating foods high in sodium or just plain drinking tons of water. For most people and myself, I retain a lot of my water weight in my mid-section (waist) and hate it when jeans or pants are fitting so tight you question whether you are going to wear sweatpants to a wedding instead of fitting into your suit.

I recently had a wedding and had to buy a new suit. I’m happy to say I hover around the waist size of 33/34 which is a long cry from what I used to be at a size 40. When I set out to buy my suit I didn’t realize I was in the middle of a cardio heavy week where I busted my ass really hard to get my legs caught up because I was behind in working them out specifically. Definitely not a good idea to get sized up for a suit that you only wear sporadically when all your water weight is basically drained. The suit fit like any suit would fit, snug and comfortable, not baggy and loose. Stashed the suit away for about a week and didn’t think one bit about it. Dressing up is definitely the last thing I would like to be doing, I rather a enema over dressing in a suit for an event.

To not make this a long drawn out story, I started taking Muscle Tech’s IntraVOL which is a pre/during workout supplement that contains a little bit of creatine and such that makes you definitely hold onto your water weight a little more to assist more powerful workouts. I loved how the IntraVOL was working but i noticed a little bloating in myself, not that it would be noticeable to anyone but myself. Again fast forward to about 2 days before the wedding, I try on my suit just to make sure I have the whole setup looking good. I put on the pants and there is a slight problem, without even tucking in an undershirt and button down shirt the pants were VERY TIGHT. Too tight to be able to go through a whole wedding trying to be comfortable and not hyperventilating. I needed a quick solution to drop the water weight the supplement made me gain before the wedding.

solar belt

Introducing the saving grace to my problem, the solar belt. Now for this to work I needed to stop taking my supplement while hitting the gym for the two days before the wedding. I still carried on with my normal lifting routine and such but now I was doing all of it with my solar belt on. Talk about really simple to use, you basically just place it around your waist and make sure you can breath comfortably but without it being too loose to come off then work out. Between the two days I did about 140 minutes of cardio and burned well over 1000+ calories, not including what I burned while lifting. I would take off the solar belt it would be drenched in sweat, give it a quick rinse and hang it up to dry and just use it the next day. It worked like a charm I was fitting into my suit pants with no problem and room to spare on top of an undershirt and button down.

The belt works in a way of making your body sweat more at where its applied to basically drain the water weight by raising the temperature of that area naturally. Its basically a rubber belt that is 3/4 feet in length by 1 foot width by 2/16th of an inch with Velcro on one end of it. Its probably the simplest design out there. There are a handful of companies that make it and they all are reasonably priced at $10 a belt. They last very long and are great wear when wanting to get that extra burn around your mid-section. You can wear it under your shirt or sweatshirt without it showing much and being embarrassed.

That is one of my best tips I can give when you need a quick fix to slim down the waist in a hurry. You don’t need no equipment and the cost is very low so for the person on a budget this is a great alternative just put it on and go for a run.

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