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Workout Wednesdays ‘Eat your Snacks!’

Wednesday, 11 Feb 2009- Written by

Going with the weekly theme of ‘Workout Wednesdays’ (WW) I once again will bring you something to benifit you in your daily life. Whether it be working out, dieting or todays topic SNACKS! I know in the post last week I said I was going to discuss ‘Lunch Time’ but before we get to that we need to fill in the gaps.

It is very important snack in between the 3 main meals to make sure you are keeping your bodies metabolism going. My mantra will be ‘your body is a fat burning wood fire, you must feed it to keep it burning’. By snacking I mean consuming healthy snacks help your cause of fat burning.

smart popI have a TON of healthy snack ideas so I never grow bored with my choices and always have something to choose regardless of availibility. One of my most common snacks to endulge in is popcorn. Before you start going to the movie theater ordering buckets of popcorn with a 30-second count of butter, hold up. Popcorn naturally is a healthy food for you, its the shit they put in the bag with it that makes regular buttery microwave popcorn bad for you. The key is to buy the Orville Redenbacher’s 100 calorie packs or buy the Orville Redenbacher Smart Pop Popcorn. It’s great how its 94% fat-free, is made with whole grains and still tastes pretty damn good. Now a bag of either the 100 calorie or the SmartPop will not run you into the high calorie range at all. With a 24g of carbohydrates (SmartPop Regular Bag) and 4g of protein this is a snack that will surpress any hunger to the next big meal.

Another great snack fresh fruits and raw nuts. Does not sound enticing right? Well this is where you change it up a little bit. Get fruits you never tried before like papaya or mango’s so you don’t find your snack to be mundane. I personally got into cherries and apples over the summer, where I was a regular at the fruit cart on broadway. Nuts are a great source of protein and are great for you in the fact of they keep the food cravings monster away. There are some nuts out there you should stay away from like peanuts are bad in excess but small amounts are perfectly fine. My favorite nut to snack on is the Almond. I love almonds. Anyway you make them, I will eat every single last one of them. Two favorites are just raw and DRY ROASTED which are not bad for you. When you decide that nuts are going to be your snack don’t over indulge on them which is easy to do, but about a 1/4 of a pound (most stores minimum) and snack on a handful. If you get full stash them away for another time or to have with your next big meal.

Remember your snack isn’t supposed to be a huge helping of food. It’s basically a meal where you eat little smart foods to help surpress hunger so you don’t reach your next big meal and BINGE because you ‘have not eaten in a while‘. Earlier in the first WW post I shared another secret to surpressing food cravings which was the ABB Protein Shake, which is packed with Protein 35g for the 12oz can, which can be used as well.

glennys bbq crispsMy last snack is Glenny’s Soy Crisps which I get in my favorite flavor of BBQ. I know what your thinking “Soy tastes like shit!”, oh no THIS soy does not. Here are the nutrition facts before I back up how amazing these little crisps are: 70 calories, 1.5g fat, 4.5g protein, and 1.5g of fiber. With nutritional info like that you must think its too good to be true and these things are horrific to stomach. I am going to say I WOULD PERFER THESE OVER ANY CHIPS YOU COULD GIVE ME BAKED, REGULAR OR OTHERWISE. Pretty bold statement to say no? I found these little jems at a local bodega in NYC and thought I would never find them anywhere else to snack on, I was soon proven wrong. Duane Reade carries them, Wallgreens and I’m almost postive I saw them at Waldbaums last time I was there. The small amount of fiber and protein are just enough to hold over even the worse hunger pains. The other flavors aren’t the best but stomachable but if you try the BBQ flavor you will have a new love in life which are Glenny’s BBQ Soy Crisps.

Well thats it for this weeks WW, just remember snacks are important and its even more important to snack healthy. Keep your bodys fire burning and you’ll be seeing results in no time.

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