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Workout Wednesdays – Dieting/First Meal

Wednesday, 28 Jan 2009- Written by

Since so many of us at work out pretty much 4 to 5 times a week at our local gyms. Why not each week feature something about working out? A majority of our crew have great knowledge and experience. A couple are certified personal trainers (MattMatt & Martin) while some have been taught from college professionals (John, Tom, Timmy & Walter). Lets not to forget the ones who research through many book then use what they learned as well as take advice from everyone mentioned above to try them all out (myself). It could be beneficial to everyone if we all share our knowledge with not only each other but you the reader.

Now every Wednesday we will feature some tips, advice or just experiences in working out. What ever your goal out of one of the many people who will contributing weather it be weight loss, building muscle or simply toning up I’m sure you will be able to pull something useful out of the entries to come.

My first Workout Wednesday, which will be referred to in shorthand as ‘WW’ will be about something I know much about dieting. I have always fluctuated in weight throughout my life but only started to control it later on in life. At my thinnest I was 165 pounds, which was unhealthy for a person like myself who is always very active. I have little to no muscle tone and was just very thin. I ballooned up to 220lbs soon after because I needed to put weight back on so I wouldn’t be pushed around in sports. I started eating worse and worse, which in turn ended up in me, less active. I came to realize that dieting and eating habits play a major role in weight loss.

There are too many people out there who think they know the sure-fire way to lose weight and diet. Majority of them are not right at all and talk out of there asses. I BELIEVE in eating frequently and methodically. In order to burn fat you need to think of your body as a furnace. You have to keep that fire going but you can’t have it burning at 100% all day or else your going to run into a problem which is making it too hot and basically over eating and negating your fat loss. Simply put you need to learn how to feed your body the right way. I’m going to use my diet as an example.

I eat roughly 6 times a day. Now before you call me a fat-ass let me tell you where the fire burning / fat burning comes into play. When you have this fat burning fire going its going to be in all different intensity’s. After a nice nights sleep you need to start the fire, everyone knows starting the fire takes the most time and effort. Basically you need to have a big meal to start the fire. Your biggest meal of the day should be ‘Breakfast’ which needs to happen at least 1 to 2 hours after you wake up. I know its hard sometimes to get it in within that time frame due to being late to work or catching a train but when there is a will there is a way. For days where I might not be able to get my first big breakfest meal in before the 1 to 2 hour period I make sure I use my snack then which can be anything from a fruit to simply a granola bar. Of course all the time you are putting liquids into your body like tea or water to help get yourself hydrated for the day. Here is a ‘on-time’ morning for me where I will eat my big meal first and then just explain the rest of the day without detail but will in later posts.

6:00 am – Wake up
6:30 am – Drink a cup of tea with one packet of Sweet-n-Low
7:30 am – Two egg whites with Cheese on Whole Wheat Toast, Cup of Fat-Free Vanilla Yogurt and wash it down with a 12oz. Strawberry Propel Water.
9:30 am – One ABB protein shake 12oz. can 35grams of Protein.
11:30 – 12:00 pm – Lunch Time (next post)

abb pro shakeWith the information I just provided you, you can basically tell your biggest meal is coming in the morning to help kick-start your metabolism. Everyone has different ways of explaining this but I think it’s the simplest like this. If your day of eating was on a see-saw your morning breakfast is on one side and your lunch and dinner are on the other and they are basically equaling themselves out and staying level. Now for your snacks you basically want to look at it as if your throwing twigs into the furnace not whole logs to keep the fire going. Choose healthy snacks like fruits or protein drinks whenever possible. Protein to me is what keeps all my body’s hunger under control, so putting protein in my tank makes me feel full. I like protein shakes that are VERY LOW in fat like the one I drink is only 160 calories, 0g fat, 35g of protein they are made by ABB PURE PRO (American Body Building) which aren’t that hard to find and are easy on the pocket at usually $2 a 12oz can.

Basically that is it for this installment, As I was told today Matt Matt has a crazy exercise for you next week that I will be actually shooting with my HD video camera for all of you to enjoy.

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