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Recalling my first fight..

Thursday, 15 Jan 2009- Written by

kids-fightingA young Tommy in his 1st Grade class with Miss Del Pizzo was one of the biggest kids in class which I would be the tallest in all my classes till we hit high school and everybody caught up to me. All my little friends would look up to me and think of me as the kid to be around for protection. I myself was a gentle, shy kid who kept to myself and had a girlfriend in the class named Emily. My best friends in that class were john, Mikey and most of all Timmy. One morning Timmy got in an argument with some kid in the Morning sing along in the gym auditorium while we were signing “Our country Tis of thee!”, not knowing the significance of the argument I went on my way. Thus, I would sooner that day encounter my first fight of my life!

The day went slowly until lunch time (my favorite part of the day). After lunch, we went outside as we always did where I would continually dominate in dodge ball with my canon of an arm. When suddenly John came over and told me that Timmy was getting into an argument with some kid. I being a little kid didn’t know what to do ask John “should we get a teacher?” John said “No dummy you’re taller than all the kids just come over and act tough!” I dropped my dodge ball and sprinted with John to Timmy. Our Lunch area was pretty big so as I got to the spot Timmy was at I was pretty tired. I was a little pudgy back in the day. Ha-ha. As I got there there were 3 mexicans messing with my friend. As me, Timmy and John stood in a row staring at these 3 vatos in the eyes. I went up to one of them and chest bumped one. This is hilarious because I only did this because I was a huge Wrestling fan back in the day and I remember in the beginningof the fight the opponents would come to the center of the ring and chest bump and stare each other down and nothing would happen. Well I was sadly mistaken.

As I approached the little Spanish kid who was about a foot shorter than me I gave him one of the Rick Flair “WHEWWWW!” to him and gave him chest bump thinking it would scare him off and right when I did it Pedro reared back and gave me a uppercut right in my snotbox. I crumbled to the ground and as I was hitting the floor I looked for my friend for help and all I could see was smoke and flashing lights coming from their little LA Lights as they ran away. Now as I lay there crying I thought to myself get up and fight. Being a little kid I just laid there and waited for a teacher’s aid to come over to help me up and brush the dirt off of me. The 3 amigos just stood there laughing at me and saying some strange things in Spanish to my face. I was put in place. I eventually would ask my friends where they were and their answer was they were getting help but to this day I don’t believe them.

So Tommy Cinelli opened up his fighting career 0-1! I remember it so vividly it’s amazing.

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