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It’$ Great to be Athlete$

Thursday, 8 Jan 2009- Written by

The rising salary of professional athletes has been viewed as a serious crisis of the major spectator sports in America. Although players’ salaries are on the rise, so are the revenues generated through greater sponsorship deals and sales of television rights. Although sponsorships are on the downfall with many revoking their sponsorship agreements with several big name stars foe example, Buick with Tiger Woods. Who are we to say that the Yankees have overpaid their players? The team is running a billion dollar business. It strives hard to win the title and entertain the fans by retaining the best ball players in the world. Aren’t maximizing the wins and profits legitimate goals of every franchise or should be? If a baseball fan has an extra $25 to spend on a baseball ticket, wouldn’t he/she rather go to a Yankee game seeing super stars instead of the Pirates or Orioles game? The Yankees could possibly generate 377 million extra dollars per year.

baseball moneyBased on the above analysis, do you still think that players are asking too much? Fans and scholars may complain about how much athletes make. But in fact the owners are the ones who give Sabathia 160 million or Arod 275 million! The only time I hear anything is when a new stadium is involved and we have to shell out money of the taxpayer to build these stadiums and the enmities around it. However the Yankees are building the whole stadium themselves and are only asking for money from the state for the building surrounding the stadium to make a better stadium for you the fan who is complaining like a baby! A comedian once made a joke. As a Yankee fan I don’t really care what owners spend on players as long as the best players to win a championship are on my team. Doesn’t always help to have superstars stake on a team with all the big salaries. Hence the 2008 Yankees! Most of the competitive advantage from the small markets and big markets giving these athletes money is big. However, big market teams who spend more money have to pay luxury tax which is disbursed to low level teams to keep a level playing field. Also these low level teams don’t have to take the money given to them in luxury tax to pay for players. Most of them use it in other ways. I believe they should have a rule to make them spend it on players and nothing else so we can see the Royals in the World Series, or the Panthers in the Stanley Cup. Like to hear some responses so make sure you comment below in the comments section.

So my questions to you is:

Are you sick of these mega million dollar athlete salaries?

And Are they good for the Sport?

Is it fair that all these big market teams can spend more money bc they have it?

Top Ten Athlete earning in 2007 (b/c 2008 just finished)
1. Tiger Woods – $112 Mil
2. Oscar DeLa Hoya – $55 Mil
3. Phil Mickelson – $ 51 Mil
4. SHAQ – $35 Mil
5. Kobe Bryant – $34 Mil
6. Lebron James – $31 Mil
7. Kevin Garnett – $29 Mil
8. Derek Jeter – $29 Mil
9. Alex Rodriguez – $28 Mil
10. Dale Earnhardt Jr. – $27 Mil

*Most of the top ten is Basketball with 4 players in it. Basketball has the most lucrative salaries.

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