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Yankees Being Yankees

Friday, 2 Jan 2009- Written by

Yankees not wanting not to participate in the MLB playoffs went out and made a huge statement this offseason. To the tune of, $423 million invested in a trio of ballplayers. Safe to say, the Yankees were not scared off by the $27 million luxury-tax bill for 2008 which the Yankees are the only team that can do so because of the extreme revenue they pull in between the their own tv network, new ballpark and ticket prices.

First, the Yankee brass, ready to flex their financial muscle, the Yankees got their man they have all along wanted by getting CC Sabathia to be their No. 1 starter, something the yanks haven’t had in a while, by adding the top starter on the open market. They got him for a robust 7yrs/ 161 million dollars. Over paid perhaps but its what the doctored ordered.

Grade= A- (just because nobody should make that kind of money)

A.J. Burnett would be up next and it was kind of a domino effect after CC was signed, that the Yankees would sign a few more. Burnett was the first pitcher to use his opt-out clause to the tune of five years and $82.5 million given to him by the Yankees. He would now fit in as the number 2 starter after CC. Only thing that worries me is his injuries. He has had one full season in the bigs and that came in his contract year last year with the Blue Jays. What a time to have your best year. $$$$$.

Grade= B- (too injury prone)

Now all New York’s general manager had to do is explain to Mark Teixeira that if he was looking for a legacy and a monument that he had room at the bag for him and maybe over the center field fence with Ruth and Donny Baseball after he finishes his careear. The money spoke loudly though to a tune of 8yrs/ 180 million dollars and Tex came a running also influencing him was that he was born on the east coast and so is his wife. This brings a great bat to hit behind AROD but more importantly it brings us a superior gold glove defender something we haven’t had their in years.

Grade= A+

It’s a $423 million investment in a trio of ballplayers. Is it crazy? YES. But , if you’re a Yankee fan u love it because it makes your team better and keeps another name out of the red sox clubhouse. Does it gurrantee us playoffs? No. With the AL East how it is the Rays and Red Sox are good. This will gives us more firepower when we go up against them. I do see playoffs this year though.

Needs Remaining: CF…..Bullpen

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