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Turkey Bowl 2008 Results

Friday, 28 Nov 2008- Written by

Well it was a hard fought game but one team had to come out on top. The weather was beautiful and everyone who planned on playing was in attendance. We had a few spectators come throughout the game to cheer on there favorite teams (or just laugh at the football play on the field).

Once again it came down to overtime to decide who the 2008 Champions were. We established that overtime was going to be run college football style. Teams start 25 yards out from the end-zone and have 4 downs to put it in. Both teams were able to put it in with no problems. Instead of being there all day doing overtime we decided to remove a down after each completed touchdown. After each team scored there touchdown in four downs we moved it to three downs to get a touchdown. That is where the game was decided. On the second down of my teams attempt I caught a pass over the middle for a quick touchdown. Then it came down to a defensive stand. After 2 downs of not being able to put it in it was do or die for the other team. Walter rolled out right, while Timmy was cutting towards the middle of the field with daro hot on his trail, under pressure Walter overthrew Timmy which could of ended up as a pick had I not thought Timmy was going to end my life by running into me and Dennis had a shot to connect for the pass but thought I was going to tip it. The ball fell incomplete. Game Over.

We had a couple wounded soldiers this year with Bubba lasting all of 30 minutes to leave the field with a bloody lip and throwing up red. Then on top of that Rob Frank had gotten stiff armed in the face by Hizzo and busted his nose (bloody) and then latter on recieved a big elbow to the mouth for a busted lip. Which retired him more towards the end of the game with a pint of blood lost. In the end it was a ton of fun as always and of course everyone is going to sleep well tonight.

Timmy’s Take on the Turkey Bowl:

No one ever has done one of these so I decided to do it. The 2008 Turkey Bowl is done with and im sure none of us are going to be doing any physical activities for the next 2 weeks. I’m so sore and its only been an hour after game time. I can’t move my body and I know for damn sure no one else can. Today’s game had a couple big hits and unfortunately one of them was on me and it was by the biggest guy on the field, john cinelli. I thought my chest caved in at that point and my life was over but I ended up ok. This was not like any other Turkey Bowl. At halftime it was only 3-2 and looked like it was going to be a defensive battle. Then everyone got exhausted and the final score ended up being 9-8, which is still a low scoring game compared to the past. Statistically wise no individual really stood out like the last couple years. We forgot to crown someone with the MVP title but my vote would’ve gone for John Cinelli. I mean shit the guy is about to have a kid, give em the MVP. He had a total of 3 TDs also(1 catch and 2 rushing) and one near death delivering hit. A couple of other stats were BC having 2 TD receptions, Walter had 2 rushing TDs to go along with his 6 TD passes but 3 INTs, Tommy C had I think about 8 TD passes with an interception, and I had 4 TDs (3 catches and 1 long and exhausing rushing TD). Also, Silent Rob had a couple TDs as well with his nut sweatpants on and his lumberjack beard. Chuckie Spahr and hizzo each hauled in a TD pass and Matt Matt held down the line for our team and delivered a couple HUGE blocks. Rogers I think did absolutely nothing but pussy out when Rob Frank (had a couple TDs as well) caught a pass and ran right at him. Bubba was able to go through the game without getting a concussion again but instead he was throwing up for half of it and decided to not play anymore. One year he will make it the whole game, but he better do it soon b/c were not getting any younger. I think I’ve cramped about 6 times since I started writing this thing and I’m not gonna last much longer. So to wrap things up, 2008 is done and of course it was a good time and my brother will think about his dopped pass that ended the game for the next 365 days. 2009 is next and I’m pretty sure I’ll still be sore from this year’s game.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

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MVP: John Cinelli
Losing Team MVP: Tim Treubig

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