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Politicians are like Hookers

Wednesday, 29 Oct 2008- Written by

I rarely if ever bring politics to the website. Anytime you discuss politics it is going to bring up a fight. There are two things you never discuss in a group if you don’t want people to kill each other. Religion & Politics. Both of which I keep to myself and really don’t care what others think. People have been killing each other for years over both. Endless bloodshed for probably two of the stupidest reasons. Not agreeing with each other. Now that the whole election is upon us we are forced to divide as a country to all decide on a President.
Republicans and Democrats will be at each other throats going through each others dirty laundry just to get an upper hand. That is the life and times of the days we live in. In order to come into a position to be able to run for office or any political seat you have to have money to run a campaign. Now this is where things really chap my ass. Big companies and organizations throw millions of dollars at politicians to get them on there side for what ever bad shit they are probably doing whether it be Big Tobacco companies or Pharmaceutical powerhouses they all have someone in there pocket. A majority of people in politics are bought by these companies. This is my topic of the post.

Politicians are like Hookers

At first your thinking, ‘Brian isn’t that a little harsh to say about these prestige politicians?’. Well let me ask you ‘Do you think these people really care about you?’. I will answer, ‘Not at all’. When it comes down to it they are doing an easy decision making job and getting over paid for doing so. You can argue all you want that it’s long tough hours and you have to devote your time TO THE PEOPLE. No, they do not do that. They have aides and assistants that do all that bullshit for you that are appointed by them because they helped them during there campaign. All those people who are helping him are hoping to one day be in his spot to earn that big paycheck for doing absolutely shit. Before you ge on me for the Palin Prostitute picture, I really didn’t feel like putting Obama or McCain on a girls body. I did though in fact get some pretty nasty looks while cooking up that photoshop on the train.

I digress; I have yet to talk about the key statement “Politicians are like Hookers”. Here is my comparison. Big companies who are basically called “lobbyists” seek out who ever will give them an edge when bills come around to give them higher taxes, bans on there products, or even stop them from outsourcing there product to other countries because its cheaper to use child labor. They get this politician in there pocket by “donating” money to there campaign. Basically a big I.O.U. for when they are in office. You grease the wheels of a politician who is going to be in power you will never have problems.

Example. You’re an oil company and the state wants to put new taxes on your importing of oil. There is a bill about to be put into congress to enforce this. Now if you spread the money around right when campaigning for those seats came around you’ll be fine because you just bought yourself a veto of that bill.
Basically, they paid the politician for him to get his spot to approve or veto bills that are in there favor. Politicians are these companies’ bitches. Do you not pay a hooker to blow you? You give her money and she performs her service for you, while in the end you’re the one who is happy and not the one with a sore asshole. I have seen it a million times. lol

That is what bothers me today about politics. Makes me kind of want to get into them to just bring some sort of honesty to it. Will I ever? Probably not, but if I did I would be that guy grabbing his nuts saying “Fuck You! You think just because you got a shit load of money to throw around I’m going to make my decisions based on what benefits you. I’m solely about the people, so suck on these NUTS!”.

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