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Worst NFL Stadium Stories

Friday, 17 Oct 2008- Written by

While cruising around one of my favorite boredom killing sites I came across an article in the sports section titled “NFL Stadium Rankings: Stadium Atmosphere” which took fan e-mails on there experiences. Of course they graded each team and the rankings sucked, but that is not what I’m pointing out. What stuck out were the user-submitted stories. Most were downright hilarious, while some made me cringe thanking god Giants Stadium isn’t that bad. I picked out a few that were stuck out to me so enjoy.

(Infront of the Quotes is the home team stadium)

Colts: “We booed a little girl in the Punt, Pass and Kick competition who was wearing a Patriots jersey. Parents should know better then to dress their children in clown clothes.”

49ers: “A female Cowboys fan was punched in the nose by a male 49ers fan after a September 2005 loss.”

Ravens: “After a loss, a fan of the opposing team went to shake the hand of a Ravens fan. The Ravens fan turned and farted on the guys hand. I personally thought it was hilarious. But I guess if you were the guy who just got had his hand farted on, it might be kind of messed up.”

Titans: “I saw a man get into a heated altercation with a woman who was wearing the opponents jersey. Both seemed intoxicated, and the woman was standing in the row in front of the man, facing him and yelling. The man grabbed the woman by the throat with one hand and launched her down three rows of seats where she landed on a pile on the concrete.”

Jets: “Some guy wearing a Dolphins jersey was having problems breathing after getting into a verbal shouting match with a few guys. The medics had to come and they loaded him upon a stretcher. As they were carrying him down the stairs everyone started tossing bottles (some still full) and anything else they could find at the guy. All the time he’s flat on his back, getting oxygen, strapped to the stretcher. Hanging with the Jets crowd is like going to a frat party. That’s why I go to a game once a year.”

Browns: “An idiot Broncos fan in the Dawg Pound wearing a John Elway jersey was pelted with batteries, dog biscuits, beer bottles, and other objects.”

Falcons: “A drunk guy filled up his cup with urine and threw it all over a Saints fan. The Saints fan was a jerk, but that was a bit much.”

Rams: “The last couple of years, so many visiting fans showing up, they end up heckling the Rams fans.”

Vikings: “One man dropped his pants and laid his DICK on the head of an opposing fan.”

Dolphins: “One Fan punched another for drinking his beer through a straw. Not manly enough, apparently.”

Eagles: “I saw a little girl, about 10, get put in a trash can because she was wearing a Giant’s jersey.”

Redskins: “How about when a whole section of the crowd was tear-gassed, then the gas drifts on to the field, causing players and fans to throw up? Amazing!”

Chargers: “A Raiders fan was caught on tape stabbing a Chargers fan once at the stadium. After that, they no longer sold single-game tickets to home games against the Raiders. Yeah, I still don’t go to those.”

Raiders: “A Raiders fan had a sock full of loose change, used it to club a Broncos fan and knock him out.”

Giants: “I saw a fight at the stadium last year where a Packers fan was exchanging punches with a Giants fan. A female acquaintance of the Packers fan caught one of the punches and went head over heals a row or two forward. She was carried out on a strecher.”

All these stories made me laugh till I cried in my cubicle. Read the whole article if you want to piss yourself. Here is the link again NFL Stadium Rankings: Stadium Atmosphere.

Also, check out Youtube for a bunch of good Stadium Fights. I didn’t know there were so many on youtube. I love seeing how many fights happen at the Meadowlands, makes the Giants fans look like a bunch of animals. This clip of the Black Hole (Raiders) fans beating up on Chargers fans makes the statements of the Chargers fans hold water. Enjoy.

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