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Time to Kill Some Boredom

Thursday, 25 Sep 2008- Written by

Now at my job I do have some down time, as do most people who work there 9 to 5 in a cubicle. Your always looking for something to kill the boredom. I stumbled upon this site through and have been hooked to it. The person has built in the whole NES console emulator. You can basically play every Nintendo game ever made. Here is a screen shot of the first game I loaded up:


Hell Fucking Yeah, Kung Fu for Nintendo. I remember spending hours playing that game and getting into a billion fights with my brother over who is next and yelling at each other for using the continue when someone wasn’t looking and saying they still have life’s left. Best thing about it is that it runs flawlessly in every browser that has flash. Also, most corporate filters do not have this site blocked. I have logged many hours already playing these games.

Another cool thing is the Rip Off Theater 2.0 flash player. You can watch tons of content from shows to movies that just came out through the flash player and it runs fluidly. I have to give props to the site owner for putting this out there on the internet. You saved many of us cubicle drones from killing ourselves.

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