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The Things You See In NYC

Tuesday, 23 Sep 2008- Written by
naked guy in highrise

Me and my buddy Dennis sometimes take a 15 minute Skoal break sometimes and head up to the 15th floor of our office building. Right next door is the Tribeca Tower, which is a 50+ apartment tower. We usually chill window watching things below and around us while shooting the shit.

Sometimes we see this guy hanging out his window smoking cigarettes. Pretty sure this dude isn’t supposed to smoke in his apartment so he sticks it to the man and takes a couple puffs 13 stories up out the window. Not necessarily the safest thing but i support his rebel cause. Just so happens this guy doesn’t believe in shirts. Every time we see him he is shirt-less. So Cigarette smoking 13th floor old rebel guy you keep sticking it to the man. I’ll keep laughing and window watching.

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