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Fantasy Football 2008 – The Dark Knight

Tuesday, 16 Sep 2008- Written by

Everyone knows my love for football. I also have another love when football season is around and that is Fantasy Football. Last year I was in FOUR fantasy football leagues. This year only three because I want to together more quality teams and be able to actually track who I’m going to test out on one team for a week to use on my other teams.

tom bradyI have one philosophy when picking my team. If there isn’t one of the top 3 stud backs to be picked go for a Quarterback who will never get injured because of a strong solid offensive line. Last year I rode Peyton Manning to a championship in my most intense league and made some great trades down the stretch with guys I got lucky with off waivers for more studs. Everyone wants the mainstream name guys like Moss, Brady, Peterson and Tomlinson. People fail to realize those guys only count for a fraction of the points you pick up. Your money picks are in the 2nd, 3rd and 4th rounds. Those players are the players you must rely on to back up your stud when he does have the 2-3 games he’ll suck in. Or in my case picking Tom Brady first round to only have him be injured for the year after 2 quarters of play.

I didn’t panic but I remembered it’s not about the stud its about the supporting cast. It’s kind of just like a movie for example ‘The Dark Knight’. Everyone knows Christian Bale will deliver an amazing performance but your not going to have him star in every second of the movie, you need supporting actors. Ok, no one though Heath Ledger could ever out perform Jack Nicholson as the joker. marshallwes welkerYou didn’t see it coming but you sit down and watch the movie and you forget Christian Bale is even in the movie. Heath Ledger was my Brandon Marshall last year. Oh, don’t worry I wanted him for the squeal this year as well even though he was out the first game. Now go on to two face, no one knew he was going to be in the movie other then his normal before the face burning self. But yet another surprise to movie goers. Just when you thought “Ok, I found one diamond in the rough I’m lucky!” you go on to find another great player who stepped up into a starting role for a hurt player. Enter Wes Welker who was my Harvey Two Face. He was picked up from the Dolphins to the New England Patriots. He is a small white receiver and punt returner who no one thought would get any touches. Oh he not only got tons of touches, he totaled 1,175 yards and 8 touchdowns. That’s what I call a great pickup. Enough of these movie references.

Now, what really pisses me off with fantasy football these past 3 years is the whole Running Back By Committee (RBBC). That throws you off with your running backs who aren’t all-purpose backs. By that I mean, a running back who will get touches in the red-zone and have 85 % of the teams carries from the backfield. fred taylorjones-drewNow, almost every team except 3 or 4 have RBBC. For example, the most popular team with RBBC is the Jacksonville Jaguars. They have Fred Taylor who would get many touches on any team and Maurice Jones-Drew who is so quick he tends to get more yards from scrimmage then Taylor. They split carries almost 50-50 and both get carries in the red-zone. You never know who is going to get you the points. One could have a monster day with yards and the other back could have all the touchdowns with little yardage for the day. That throws a wrench in your team for sure. That is why you just have to try to pick backs that will get those red-zone carries but it’s a huge gamble.

Well .. as the football season goes on I’m sure I’ll mention more Fantasy Football here.

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