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Yankees Finally Pluggin’ Holes

Thursday, 31 Jul 2008- Written by

Well the DirtyDalerz crew is mostly split on what teams we like baseball wise. 50/50 Mets, Yankees. Since, none of the Mets fans post on this blog ah well i’ll just talk Yankees for right now. They have made a ton of moves coming up to today’s trade deadline, and I believe they are done. With that said I’m just going to talk over there last couple transactions and my opinions.

Rich “i’m too” Sexson

First Trade was for Richie Sexson who was on the Seattle Mariners at the beginning of the year. Yankees are only paying $160,000 for his services over the final 10-plus weeks of the regular season. I think the Yankees got a mediocre player for a cheap price. Ok, he is tall he looks like he is a good hitter. Put him on the New York Stage and I really have trouble seeing this guy producing whatsoever. The only reason why the Yankees bothered signing a guy like him is because of the key injuries to certain players and to make sure you have a deep roster going for a post-season push.

Trade Grade: C+

Xavier “its all gravy” Nady
Damaso “al le” Marte

The Second Trade to come to the Yankees was a total steal in my opinion. This is where the Yankees gave away pitchers Ross Ohlendorf / Jeff Karstens and two minor league players (pitcher & Outfeilder) for Damaso Marte and Xavier Nady. Ohlendorf is the only real DECENT and I stress DECENT guy we gave up in this deal. Karstens was shaky at best and I would rather have someone in there who is solid and consistent. Both Ohlendorf and Karstens were very expendable. What I don’t get is the two minor leaguers that the Pirates took off the Yankees hands also in this deal. One of them barely turned 20 and the other has been suspended before for drugs. Not everyone can be turned into J. Hamilton, which is what I hope they are expecting. The Yankees get two great players, Marte is a SOLID setup man. This is a spot where K. Farnsworth resides (see below this has changed). Marte had JUST slid into the closer role in Pittsburgh for the injured M. Capps and was doing just fine. Now he is coming into a Yankees team that will need him in the 6th, 7th or 8th inning to be lights out. I think he can do this. Current stats are as follows 16 Hold Decisions, 3.67 ERA, 51 Strike Outs and 1.20 Walks Per Innings Pitched. He has a great fastball and his other pitches are decent to get him by. As for Xavier Nady he is batting .325, 14 HR, 60 RBI’s, WHAT!? .. he is a beast up there. This is what the Yankees were lacking and they got it with Nady, a person who gets hits when runners are in scoring position and has a great average. I don’t know who Cashman had to blow to get this deal done but you must give GREAT FUCKING HEAD.

Trade Grade: A+

Ivan “Pudge” Rodriguez

The last trade before the deadline (currently its 12pm Thursday) is the trade for Ivan “Pudge” Rodriguez for Let me start of by saying I have never EVER EVER liked Kyle Farnsworth. Every time he came into the game I would just shut the t.v. off and say “good game” because he was just about to put a quarter in the merry-go-round and blow the game for us. He was the definition of a Setup Man who couldn’t set a fucking table let alone hand the game over to Mariano to Save. Nobody was ever comfortable. Cashman knew it too but was waiting for the right time to deal him. Finally he started to have an upswing while everyone was trying to get behind him and Cashman did the right thing and SOLD him while he still could. This is where details get fishy. Why would Detriot STRAIGHT UP trade for Farnsworth with there quite possibly Hall of Fame catcher who you could argue is at the tail end of his career (but still has 2-3 good years left in him). I will back up Pudge with saying he is batting an good .295 BA with 32 RBIS but again this guy won 10+ Gold Gloves as well which is a all-time record for catchers. What did Detroit see in Farnsworth that the Yankees didn’t see that they thought they could live without Pudge? Why do I care? I don’t! All I have to say is Thank you Tigers .. you have just recieved one of the worst setup men in baseball, and we’ll gladly take your HOF catcher. Kthakxbai!

Trade Grade: A

Yankees are known for making trades before the deadline but they really didn’t make any SKEPTICAL trades. They saw what they were missing and they found the best people out there and got them. They gave up Jack shit in return. The Yankees gave up 3 pitchers that were very sparingly used and received enough glue to keep the team together. Cashman you did a great job! I seriously think you are going to put us over the hump to get us in the post-season. You have made some very questionable decisions in the past, might I bring up that big elephant that sits around collecting a paycheck still and has only pitched 8 times in 3 years ::cough::pavano::cough:: .. no i’ll let that slide because he is off the books after this year. You did good Cash .. you did good.

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