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McDonalds Way To Go Finally

Tuesday, 29 Jul 2008- Written by

I’m not a big fast food eater at all. The only fast food you can catch me eating is Taco Bell and maybe Once every few months i’ll have a burger from Burger King because I’m a burger guy. You will most definitely not catch me at McDonalds. I eat very healthy and am proud of it. Now Mr. Ronald McDonald you have finally caught my eye. I walked past a sign that said 2 for $3 Southern Style Chicken Biscuit. I totally ignored it at first until I saw it at a closer view.

McDonalds Chicken Biscuit

Look at the Biscuit it is on! It looks like McDonalds went to Pillsbury Grands and said .. “OK, dough boy gimme your best biscuit and we can all make money here”. With this said it still took another 3-4 times passing it for me to finally break down. I think it was because I was strapped for cash one day and this just seemed like a good idea. I fell for your ploy Ronald, you win.

I walked in .. 9 a.m. the place was packed but I just kept staring at the sign ahead of me and rubbing my stomach. I finally get up to the front and place my order. Less then 3 minutes later I got my sack of two Southern Style Chicken Biscuit’s. I bring it up to my desk at work and setup. Drink. Check. Napkins. Check. No Interruptions. CHECK! I was ready to indulge.

This was it .. the best thing I have EVER and I mean EVER tasted from any fast food place in my lifetime. My mouth went into an Orgasmic shock. My mouth just wanted it to stay in my mouth and never travel anywhere else ever again. Finally my throat grabbed a hold of the food and hugged it .. all the way down .. never wanting to let go until my stomach got the last laugh. The whole time I have this look of shock in my eyes as I just ingested one of the best things I have ever tasted in my life.

McDonalds, I never really liked you in my honest opinion. Your food was full of bad fats and very bad cholesterol. But with this invention of the Southern Style Chicken Biscuit, all your wrong doings are wiped away. I’m not going to start eating all your other foods but you will definitely be receiving at most ONCE a week $3.

I applaud you Ronald. You did good kid .. you did good. Get out there and get one .. you’ll see.

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