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The Return of Bobby Light

Tuesday, 10 Jun 2008- Written by

Ladies and Gentlemen He is back. The overly intoxicated, hilarious and downright nasty Bobby Light. This time he was out drinking in the Hamptons for his friend Charlie’s birthday when he just felt the need to get some candy from a convenience store and then pump some gas. All while doing so in his now famous Red and Black Tiger pattern thong. Hilarity ensues at the expense of others. The videos are slow to get to the action but when they do you will truely enjoy the video. – Bobby Light pumps gas in a thong from Brian Cinelli on Vimeo. – Bobby Light gets candy in a thong from Brian Cinelli on Vimeo.

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  1. e teez says:

    hahah bobby light, thanks for bringing entertainment to the web!! cant wait for more entries