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New Skip, New Season!!!

Tuesday, 6 May 2008- Written by

As the spring is approaching there were many doubts that the Dalerz would be fielding a team. Many gambling issues have plagued our superstars from Farmingdale. Many of them accruing debts!!!! But as all hopes had faded on the DirtyDalerz fielding a team for the 5th season, three of which have ended with playoff runs, a light shined toward 12 Taylor road. As John Cinelli emerged from his room at 3 o’clock in the afternoon after a hibernation of sorts, he made it his quest to bring the DirtyDalerz to prominence!!!!

He embarked on his journey to the Jew land of Bruce at WESCO to register the DirtyDalerz. So now since Bruce told him the only way we would get a spot is that John would have to sleep with his Mother who works in the back of the sweatshop he calls a store, John looked down at the floor and said a prayer before he went behind the curtains to secure us a spot in Wesco. John was in utter disgust at the things that sweet old lady made him do, however he did go on to say “Don’t let her old age fool you the old broad has some fight left in her.” Simply and utterly GROSS! But John took the bullet for the team and got the DirtyDalerz registered for the 2008 Season

Finally, the roster for this years team is totally askew from what it was seasons past…A few additions as well as a few subtractions went on. Parting ways with the team are: Walter Celenski, Tommy Hind, Danny Hilton, Bobby Horan and POPS. Agreements could not be reached on these five players contracts as well as one of them being sent into police protection because he has fallen off the face of the earth and doesn’t return other peoples calls. Gentelmen this is your offical DirtyDalerz goodbye! However with every gloomy day there is a ray of sunshine. Those rays of Light come in the form of: Kenny Kruger, Brian Harris, Chris Harris, Pat Frizell, Ryan Heller and Rob Crank. An excerpt from the Newsday newspaper of Long Island goes on to say, “With the additions of these six players the Dalerz may have just solidified themselves as a more potent force to be reckoned with in the Wesco League.” As we had hoped in these off season acquisitions which the team has high hopes for.

Now its time for the player profile portion of this post which has been given before every single DirtyDalerz season:

Dennis Treubig: Amazing middle infielder who resides at second base for the Dalerz and is simply a specimen to watch as he seems to have a motor that never ceases. He is also a solid hitter and an even better base runner. Dennis is also coming off an offseason shoulder surgery that we can only pray turns his arm into that of Henry Rowingardners.

Chris “Nacho” Caraballo: Part of the Outfield with a solid arm and a great understanding of certain fielding situations. Nacho also adds great base running ability and aspires to lead the team in runs this year. Nacho had very solid hitting numbers last year hitting an impressive .557 and hopes to transfer that to this year as well.

Tommy Cinelli: Part of the Deadly Duo of the middle infield he plays Shortstop for the Dalerz. Tommy even tho he doesn’t look it has great range and has a knack for turning double plays. Tommy is a hit machine as he led the Dalerz last year with the most Hits (52) and even the most doubles (19) and he is always productive in the lineup and is also league leader in starting fights with other teams (5). We know what to expect from him and its PRODUCTION!

Charlie Spahr: A member of the Outfield Charlie is as solid as they come and rarely drops balls hit to him. He also is one of the more solid hitters on the Dalerz squad and led the team with singles (31) and simply gets on base to bring in runs. Charlie also has collected more Marlboro Miles than any other player in the Wesco League. Charlie will get on base and will bring in runs.

Brian Cinelli: The most solid Outfielder the Dalerz have with a hose for an arm and deceptively good speed he can get to balls that would normally drop in for hits. Brian bats at the bottom of the lineup not because he is the worst hitter but because we expect him to ignite the start of the lineup with his slap hitting style and speed.

Adam Kruger: Will be pitching full time this year if “Pops” cannot reach a deal before the season. Adam is a very solid pitcher and after pitching behind the legend for a couple of seasons he looks ready to take over duties full time. Adam is a solid hitter in the lineup and is always poised to hit for power as well as crash his motorcycle at least once this season. Adam please wear your helmet.

John Cinelli: Plays First base for the Dalerz and shows great ability to pick balls that shouldnt be caught. John is the Power of this Dalerz team by leading the team in homeruns (12) and also brings in runs by leading in rbi’s (53). John has been hitting up the Nautilus machine all year long and conspires to surpass the home run record this year held previously at (14).

These men that have been “profiled” are the returners from last years team… With Bojo in contract negotiations still so its a look to the future with Kenny, Brian, Chris, Pat, Ryan and Rob these 6 guys could finally give the Dalerz the official lift it needs to win that elusive League Championship….

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