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Fantasy Football Year End Wrap-Up

Saturday, 22 Dec 2007- Written by

Well as for our target audience males between the age of 15 to 40, I would say 90% of them partake in the yearly ritual of Fantasy Football. This year was a rather crazy year in Fantasy Football. The year could be called the “year of the reciever” which hasn’t happened since I have been playing FF (which is roughly 8-9 years). Out of the top 3 running backs two of them were basically busts with the fourth being a huge bust. I will explain in my list I have compiled with this years BEST and BUST ‘s list. Well here is my list.

Best List:

Wes Welker: Short of basically performing fellatio on the guy he has been key to me making the championship this year. I really didn’t go Running back heavy in my league and picked up Quaterback first with P. Manning, T.O., and Portis. I relied heavily on the WR’s. Welker on top of Tom Brady putting up a freakish numbers this year, Welker came out of the blue when most though Moss would be Brady’s only target. Welker as of Week 15 has hauled in 8 touchdowns and has over 1,000 yards receiving. Oh and guess what he was picked up in the 14th round by me. Talk about a late draft steal. After seeing him last year with Miami returning kicks and surprising people at WR I knew he must be mine. Hence why he is a BEST!

Adrian Peterson: Here is a funny story, there wasn’t a week or two that went by in the begining of the season that Uncle Neil didn’t curse himself up and down for not starting Adrian when he had great weeks. I mean pretty much every week he put up great numbers fantasy wise but the games be played against San Diego and Chicago (great defenses) he scored 3 touchdowns in each and ran for 200+ yards each game. As John would say he is the MAN-child. Adrian you are going in the 1st round next year in every draft so enjoy your offseason you earned it.

Brian Westbrook: Even though you probably went 1st or 2nd round in every Fantasy Football League no one knew you were going to have a better year then LT, Gore, Jackson, and Addai. You put up 1,200 yards rushing with 7 TD’s and 700 yards Recieving with 5 TD’s (by week 15). You were peoples wet dreams all season. If you were on my team I would of physically mailed you a letter thanking you for your production this year (and for your team not making the playoffs *i’m a Giants fan*). It’s too bad I hope you suffer a week 15 injury, just for the game not career or season. Basically because I am playing you in the playoffs but once again thanks for showing everyone that Fantasy Football isn’t all cut and dry with who is the best running back in the game.

Derek Anderson: Even though you weren’t even picked in most Fantasy Drafts you have improved I would say 110% over last year. I took you getting the starting spot by default and getting scared that the GREAT Brady Quinn from Notre Dame being drafted onto your team to step up your performance. That is my own grip with you. After your Week Two 328 Yards Passing with 5 TD’s (1 Int) game everyone started picking you up like you were the only slightly beautiful girl in the bar and it was last call. Derek if I was quick enough I would of picked you up but I probably picked up some loser instead. You didn’t tail off either you put up some amazing numbers all season and your trying to lead your team to your first playoff appearance since 2002. For that I salute you! Even though you look like a retard in this photo.

Earnest Graham: Now this is a Wavier Wire Wonder. He was sitting there for weeks until Caddy Williams went out for the season with an injury. Most people sat him on the bench until he put up decent numbers then broke out for after the Bucs bye week in week 11. You probably earned yourself a starting spot at RB or will split a carries next year. For every owner who picked you up has started you every week since. You have definitely solidifed yourself as a threat this year in Fantasy Football. You look like the guy I see begging for change every week when I get off the Subway on Chambers Street but that is neither here nor there. Congrats on making my BEST list.

BUST List:

Thomas Jones: You were supposed to have a break out year with the Jets. What happened? You didnt’ even score your first touchdown until Week 13 and has YET to score another touchdown since. Any owner who picked you up (me being one) is kicking themselves in the ass. Thank god I used you as trade bait with Brees (again kicking myself in the ass) for Frank Gore. Major Disappointment! Its pretty bad when your brother has 1 more touchdown then you and almost more rushing yards and he SPLITS carries with Marion Barber. You have left me with a bad taste in my mouth .. kinda like most girls I date. Just kidding.. but seriously. Thanks for being a BUST!

Vince Young: Seriously the WORST Fantasy Starting Quaterback. Even though you found ways to win and probably get your team to the playoffs. You did JACK SHIT on my fantasy teams. You not only helped me lose games but come on last year you were a beast. Madden curse? Well you didnt’ get hurt but you sure as hell sucked. I should of thought twice when picking you but of course I let your big name overwhelm me when picking a Quarterback. Vince I would rather of picked Jeff Garcia then you .. and that is terrible. Vince thanks for NOTHING!

Santana Moss: Other then looking like a zugg in your team photo you sucked this year. Having Only 1 Touchdown and breaking 100 yards only ONCE late in the season you possibly were the biggest let down in the WR department. You sat yourself out of a game because of your performance. What the FUCK! This is the NFL you are supposed to give 110% every game and if your not .. you just look to improve. You did neither. And basically I can tell you to go fuck yourself. I know Jason Campbell wasn’t the best of Quarterbacks but he was throwing your way most of the time. Jeez get your head out of your ass for next year please so I can pick you up in the last round where you deserve to get picked up from now on.

Alge Crumpler: You were one of the Top 5 Tight Ends last year and all you did this year was bitch and moan about Mike Vick not being there and your coach that it made him leave. Seriously, you had a shit year because of yourself. It’s not the Quarterbacks fault you sucked and couldn’t catch a god damn pass in the red zone. If you kept your head out of your ass which is a big head I might add you could of had a decent year at TE. But NO! You been sitting in the Wavier pool for most of the season cause you suck. You know its bad when Shockey has had a terrible year and he is still doing better then you. Alge do me a favor get into dog fighting and leave the NFL please. Thanks.

Bears Defense: Monsters of Midway my ass! You guys won’t even finish above .500. Don’t blame it on Quaterback woes. You did make it to the Superbowl last year with Rex “I’m so fucking” Grossman as your quaterback. Obviously the defense has dropped a lot from last year to this year. I picked you in 3 of my 5 fantasy leagues and dropped you basically halfway through the season. If Devin Hester didnt’ win games for you guys you would be in the same boat as the Miami Dolphins. Your my second favorite team because I love amazing defensive teams, and you let me and all of Chicago down. Have fun being the new Cubs.

Honorable Mention for BESTS: R.Moss, T.Brady, T.Homo, B. Farve

Dis-Honorable Mentions for BUSTS: R.Brown, J. Shockey, A. Vinitieri, D. Stallworth, D. McNabb

Just goes to show you how much Fun you can have with Fantasy Football and how much it can let you down. Well until next year Happy and Healthy Holidays to all .. and GO Giants!

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