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End Of February Already!

Thursday, 22 Feb 2007- Written by

Yeah, Its the end of February already and this is the first post in close to 2 months. Let’s start it out just like how every other post starts out. With a VIDEO. Here is a video of Ian showing us at a party what he did after doing a CASE RACE (forget the bar) and then getting on the train afterwards and having no money. It was only two stops until his destination and right before he got to Farmingdale, the conductor hits them and asks for there tickets they hit stop at the station and this is what Ian says to the conductor:

Well after that hilarious clip I do have another annoucement to make. I have finally opened up another website that now has to do with my second love Beer Pong. Its a joint venture with my buddy Defo. Basically starting out slow with just hosting big events at the Nutty Irishman. Currently we lock down two week nights, Tuesdays Defo runs beerpong @ the Bayshore Nutty Irishman and Thursdays I run beerpong @ the Nutty Irishman. Every 1 1/2 months we will be running a Tournament which involves teams from all along the East Coast with big prizes and give aways. We now have a site dedicated to it – – Which is basically a long time coming if you know me. Check out the site!

For now that is it .. Enjoy.

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  1. Hey i live right near the nutty irishman I’ll certainly start frequenting those tournaments!