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Turkey Bowl 2006 is Almost Upon Us!

Monday, 20 Nov 2006- Written by

Only 4 days and counting until the 5th Annual Turkey Bowl is upon us. Teams are picked .. jerseys are being made .. trophies are at the ready, Thursday hell will be unleashed. NO line has been set on the game yet but it will sure be a tough game. The teams are as Follows:

On the Dynasty we have:

Adam “The Answer” Kruger #5 < --Captain Timmy Treubig #22 John "The Fridge" Cinelli #56 Brian "Tres" Cinelli #3 Greg "The Shark" Daro #21 Matt "Squared" Williams #37 Chris "Spyder" Caraballo #23 Dennis "Buck 60" Treubig #4

And On the opposing team The Franchise we have:

Tommy “The Arm” Cinelli #22 < --Captain Ryan "Tall Mother Fucker" Heller #88 Robert "I always wear the Dunn Jersey" Romano #66 Walter "beans" Celinski #40 Charlie "Can we take a cigarette break yet?" Spahr #8 Neil "unkie" Cinelli Tom "The Sleeper" Hizzo Doo Doo "doo doo" Ryan

Both teams look fierce. This looks like its going to be a game for the ages people. Stay tuned for the Pre-Game SMACK TALK and the video of the draft.

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