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My New Favorite Thing .. Vine

Thursday, 11 Apr 2013- Written by

Welp.. It was only a matter of time until someone came out with something like this.  The people over at have created a mobile device app called ‘Vine’ which you can find in any of the smartphone app stores.  The App basically lets you record a video clip with a maximum of 6 seconds and lets you publish it similar to instagram or twitter to share with everyone or just your vine friends.  The video does not have to be a consecutive 6 seconds you can shoot something different at different times to compile into one vine as long as it is only a maximum of 6 seconds.  Which is good, forces you to get to the point and be creative to get your point accross.  The video is then looped over and over again for everyone to see.

Of course all the comedians and funny people all over the internet have taken to this by storm to produce some really funny clip.  Musicians and DJ’s have also taken to Vine to create little clips or loops to music which have been nothing short of amazing.  Again, really forces you to be creative with the limited amount of time you have.  The end result is usually golden, I have come across a ton of clips that make me laugh so hard it hurts.  Here is an example below, just pure comedy and totally my type of humor.

If you would like to find me on Vine you can look me up by my username b_cinelli or my brother john at jcinelli71

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