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Countdown till Thursday

Tuesday, 7 Nov 2006- Written by

First off all NEW stats are updated and posted in the Nutty Irishman Beer Pong Stat Section of this site. Check out the new stats because there has been a ton of movement at the top. With new teams showing up from both Hofstra and Bayshore the locals are getting a great dose of competition. Two out of the Last Three weeks Champions of the night have been from outside the Local Farmingdale Nutty Crew.

This week another team was crowned champions of the night and now have a huge cross-hair on there back for this upcoming Thursday. The team is “Slippery Fetus” who placed second last year at the World Series of Beer Pong. Check the recap video of the last game and see Slippery Fetus get there first Championship in only two weeks of coming down:

Come down this Thursday to see if Slippery Fetus will be the first team to win two in a row or cheer for the team that strips it from them.

ALSO, There will be 3 tables going this week so less waiting around and MORE pong being played.

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