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Another Thursday .. Another Surprise

Wednesday, 1 Nov 2006- Written by

After hosting a NIBP record amount of team .. 32 .. the night turned out to be one we would never forget (at least until this upcoming Thursday). Where a team came out of no where for ONE week and ONE week only to garuntee victory and come through. Team “Spaghetti and Meatball” was that team with the cocky confidence and the game to back it up.

They ran through there opponents like it was nothing and only having one game where it came down to 1-1. After that it was smooth sailing for John Cinelli and Ryan Heller who captured the NIBP crown for the night and $140 a piece to spend on hookers and booze (or at least that is what they said they were going to do).

All in all a crazy fuckin’ night at the Nutty Irishman Farmingdale and another Beer Pong Tournament in the books as we near the Nutty Irishman Bayshore World Series of Beer Pong Satellite teams are getting hungrier to head to Las Vegas, NV and a chance at $20,000. We had an appearance from the Second Place team from the last years WSOBP last Thursday and they more then likely will be down there this week. So head down to the Nutty Irishman Farmingdale this week, Hey you could win some money!

Here is the highlight clip of the Final game of last Thursday Night:

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