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Best High School Hightlight Reels

Wednesday, 3 Apr 2013- Written by

Who hasn’t had some downtime and browsed youtube looking at football/baseball/basketball highlight reels? You can find thousands of videos of players who are just insanely talented doing amazing things? They are a dime a dozen. You can seriously spend days/weeks sorting through all the clips. THEN, you find some diamonds in the rough. In a world where to many people take themselves so seriously you get one or two guys who just want to give you a laugh and remind you not everyone gets top billing in the highlights and hot chicks at the end of the game .. someone needs to make out with the ugly cheerleaders too.

While reading over at I came accross their article “How to Make A Highlight Reel without any Highlights” , I have never laughed so hard in my life. I watched both these clips on the train going to work and people were staring at me while I am doubled over in pain crying laughing at these videos.

I love people who know not to take themselves too seriously all the time. Shows you not everyone is just full of themselves 24/7 like most superstar athletes today. The little guy may not score all the touchdowns or make the game winning tackle but he can make the girls laugh.

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