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Millionaire Athlete with a heart?

Friday, 4 Aug 2006- Written by

If your a deal seeker, and you don’t already know about the clothing outlet ‘Steve and Barrys’ then you been missing out. Everyone knows to get quality cloth’s at a fraction .. wait not even fraction .. how about half to almost 75% off regular quality cloths you can go to Steve and Barrys to pick up a shirt or cargo shorts and now SNEAKERS.


Stephon Marbury of the New York Knicks (duh?) has set out in conjunction with Steve and Barry’s University Sportswear to manufacture basketball sneakers priced at $14.99. Starbury (stephons nickname in new york papers) found out that he could make $15 sneakers and have the same quality as top nike basketball sneakers and have them be affordable to kids who don’t want to ask there parents for $100 for new basketball sneakers. I thought this was amazing, finally a million-dollar athlete looking out for the middle to lower class fans and throwing them a bone. He is also going as far to show the quality of the sneaker to wear it all season long in his NBA games.

I have seen the sneakers and for $15 they are a steal. I haven’t been playing basketball lately as much as I would like to but I have run into the problem of not having basketball sneakers to do so .. just either running sneakers or other sneakers nothing I can make cuts in. This is the perfect product for me. The shoe doesn’t come out until the 17th of August but I will be first in line to pick me up a pair of black ones and write a review about it on the site.

Just like the quality clothes the store Steve and Barry’s makes, I hope the basketball sneakers hold true to there word.


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  1. Jim says:

    You can see the sneakers on YouTube

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